Why Does My Eufy Camera Delay When Recording?

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If you make use of a Eufy Camera, especially the outdoor versions, you may sometimes notice that there is a delay when recording events, or it may be late catching movements in the activity zone. You might be freaking out if something is happening to your security smart camera, but it is a normal thing. So why is there a delay?

Delay in recording is a common problem in mostly battery-powered devices. To save battery, the camera goes to sleep mode and wakes up only when motion is detected so there’s a delay of seconds. The camera has to wake up and start recording before it can then send a notification to your mobile phone.

There are also some other minor reasons why your recording may be delayed. It may be as a result of slow internet connection, the activity zone, and sensitivity settings as well as the need to update the firmware of your smart camera. In this article, we would be looking into how you can make your Smart camera record faster.

Are Eufy Cameras Always Recording?

Continuous recording is a feature most battery-powered smart cameras do not have, this is because they are made to last for months if not years and the continuous streaming can’t be handled by their batteries for long. Eufy smart camera has a handful of smart camera products, so does their camera product always record?

Not all Eufy Cameras have the continuous recording mode. The only models that support direct continuous recording are the indoor Cam 2k, indoor Cam 2k Pan & tilt as well as the Video doorbell 2k pro. Other battery-powered models like the EufyCam 2/2 Pro and the EufyCam 2C/2C Pro can be tweaked to support this mode.

This means that these battery-powered models need to be connected to a smart home hub like HomeKit, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa to use this feature. But when used in the Eufy App, continuous recording cannot be activated hence the camera records only when motion is detected, or anything comes into the activity zone.

How Can I Make Eufy Faster?

So we have looked into why your Eufy camera may delay when recording. We are going to look at steps you can take to ensure your Eufy Cam Responds faster so you won’t miss any event.

To make your Eufy Faster, do this:

  • Restart your device and router – the first step you must take is to restart your device first. If you are using a battery-powered Eufy Cam, just hold down the sync button for 10 seconds and release. Also, reboot your router to get a stable connection.
  • Move your router close to the Eufy Cam Homebase – In case your Eufy Home base is not getting enough internet connection from your router, move the router close to the Homebase, or remove it from hindrances that may be causing the radio waves not to pass.
  • Get a Wi-Fi Extender – Try purchasing a Wi-Fi extender to increase the range of your Wi-Fi’s reach.
  • Change your activity zone and sensitivity settings to detect motions more often and faster.
  • Update your device’s firmware if it’s available.
  • Use the continuous recording mode for battery-powered cameras so you don’t miss a moment so that the Eufy Smart camera can start recording motion-detected images and activity zones without the need to wake up from sleep mode.
  • If you are making use of the Eufy video doorbell model, use the Eufy Quick Response. 

With these steps, you are guaranteed to get a few seconds back in your smart camera recording time. If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

What Is Eufy Quick Response?

In the previous paragraph, we talked about Eufy Quick Response being a way to get your Eufy video doorbell model to respond faster and help you handle the delays. So what is Eufy Quick response and how does it work? 

The Eufy Quick Response feature is a feature that gives users the ability to quickly respond to guests or visitors who ring the doorbell using an auto pre-recorded message. With this feature, users can be able to record about 3 different response messages to 3 different scenarios. 

How to Set Up Eufy Quick Response

This is done through the Eufy Security App. Just follow the steps below to add a prerecorded audio message on the quick response feature:

  1. Launch your app, and select the settings for your video doorbell.
  2. Tap “Quick Response”.
  3. Tap “+add quick response”.
  4. Enter the name for the quick response message and continue.
  5. Press and hold the record button to record a 3 – 10 seconds message.
  6. Listen and confirm the recorded message. 
  7. Save the recorded message. a notification would pop up, confirming that the Quick response feature has been enabled.

If you do not like the message, you can reset, and record a new one.


Your Eufy Camera may delay in recording, and now you may know why this may be happening. You need to take every necessary precaution to get this fixed unless your security camera would have problems detecting a problem on time. If your camera is delayed in recording, and you find out that it is a result of a hardware problem, you can send back the device so it can be replaced with a new one.

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