Do Ring Cameras Use a lot of Electricity?

Electricity components on a electric board.Electricity components on a electric board.

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Ring is an extremely popular company that provides cameras, lighting, and alarm systems for home security. They claim that all of their products are exceptionally energy-efficient, so let’s see how much energy their cameras actually use. 

The simple answer is no, Ring cameras do not use a lot of electricity, especially compared to other security cameras. Users have reported that their Ring cameras use a average of 3-4 watts of energy, whereas the cameras of other security brands typically use between 2-6 watts. Ring User Reports VS. Other Security Companies Energy Usage

How Can You Minimize The Energy Use of Your Ring Camera?

Ring offers a variety of different cameras and therefore, they all entail different energy consumption. When your Ring camera, no matter the model, is on standby, it will automatically use less energy to run. Night mode uses slightly more wattage, and the live feed or intercom function will of course, increase the energy use.

However, most Ring camera owners report that the camera is almost always on standby or night mode unless there is something shown through the camera that needs attention. On the app, using your tablet, phone, or computer, you can easily set your cameras to only be active when needed which can reduce their energy usage significantly.

If you would like to minimize the amount of energy your camera uses even more than the 2.5 watts its typically uses when on standby, you can purchase either a battery or solar powered camera to avoid any direct energy use at all.

If you’d like more in depth research into which Ring camera is right for you, check out their website for a detailed break down of each available model. 
Are Ring Cameras Energy-Efficient?

Whether you decide to hook up your Ring cameras to an energy source, or use their battery or solar powered options, they are certainly energy-efficient products.

However, solar power is certainly the best option for optimal reduction of energy use. Luckily, Ring provides several solar powered cameras including their Solar Floodlight Cam, Solar Spotlight Cam, and the Stick Up Solar Cam. All your camera will need is direct sunlight! You do not need to change or charge the batteries, as the sun does all the work.

If you’ve already bought your Ring camera and you didn’t opt for the solar powered model, don’t worry! You can hook up one of their available solar panels to the camera you already have.

Do Ring Cameras Stay on all the Time?

While Ring cameras are technically always “on”, they are not always recording. While they are resting, or on standby, the camera is ready but a great deal less energy is being used.

You might be wondering: what is the point of a security cameras if they’re not always recording, wouldn’t that mean camera could miss the threat? Not to worry, Ring has several available options to make sure your home is covered. 

  • Motion detection. When you take home any Ring camera, the programming is automatically set up to turn the camera on from standby any time it detects motion. If you live in a rural neighborhood, this may mean quite a lot of footage of squirrels or your dog, but if you have a fairly safe neighborhood, this is the most effective use of energy for your camera. 
  • Ring Protect Plan. This is a special option offered by Ring in case you would like a little extra security from your cameras. When this program is enabled, your camera will take a snapshot every three seconds and you can easily view every photo from your app. 
  • Ring Alarm System. If you upgrade with Ring to include their alarm system, your cameras can be professionally monitored 24/7 for the utmost possible surveillance of your home and yard.

Ring technology has enabled the cameras to be off, while still being ready to be on. They call it standby and it is a tried and true technological advancement that works on most of your home devices. In this way, energy will be saved and you will be protected, it’s the best of both worlds. 


Ring prides itself on being an energy-efficient company and I think you will find their claims prove true. With their standard cameras already operating at an extremely low wattage, you can sleep sae knowing your house is both closely monitored, and your eclectic bill won’t sky rocket.

If you’re looking to do your part for the planet, or simply to lower your bill even more, you can always opt for the battery or solar powered options Ring provides which allow for all the same security features, without the use of your home electric. 

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