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Can You Use Luna Controller on Steam

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
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Amazon Luna is a cloud-based, user-friendly game streaming service. The platform has received a lot of praises since it was launched in 2020 for its great features, including the Amazon Luna Controllers. It offers both wired and wireless connections, a USB-C port that allows for wired connections, and Wi-Fi Direct for low latency connectivity. The Luna Controller can reduce latency by up to 30ms, making gaming more fun and exciting. But is the Luna Controller compatible with other game streaming services besides Amazon Luna?

The Luna Controller can be used with Steam. Luna controller features Bluetooth connectivity for simple pairing and is compatible with Android, Fire Tablet, Windows PC, Fire TV, and Mac. This means that other offline games can be played over these platforms using the Luna controller.

While the Luna Controller is specially designed to support Luna’s cloud gaming service, the controller also works with other game platforms. It has a Bluetooth pairing option and can directly pair with various devices, such as phones and tablets, through the Amazon Luna Controller app. The Luna Controller is compatible with Android, Windows PC, Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and Mac. Keep reading as we look deeper into the Luna controller and whether you can use it on Steam.

Can You Use Luna Controller on Steam?

Luna controller works with Mac, Windows PC, Android, and Steam via Bluetooth, cloud direct, USB-C, and the Touch controller. However, the Touch controller is only available on supported Fire Tablets and mobile devices.

The Luna Controller has a secondary Bluetooth feature which makes it possible to connect it to your Steam account and enjoy different games. But you will need to install the Amazon Luna controller’s driver for PC from the Amazon Luna Controller support site. This helps prevent button mapping. You will also need first to finish setting up your Luna Controller.

Setting Up Your Luna Controller

Setting up the Luna controller is not a complex process; you can do it alone without professional assistance. You must first download the Luna Controller app from the app store and then begin setting up the controller.

Insert two AA batteries into your controller and press and hold the Home button until an orange circling light appears around the button. Log into your Luna Controller app and follow the instructions on the app to finish setting up your controller.

How to Use the Luna Controller with Steam via Bluetooth

Using the Luna Controller with Steam is quite easy. You need to power your Bluetooth on the Luna Controller and start the pairing process.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Power on your Luna Controller by pressing the Luna button in the center of the gamepad.
  2. Press the Action and B simultaneously on your Luna Controller, which puts the controller in Bluetooth pairing mode. This makes your controller discoverable by other nearby connections.
  3. Then go to the Bluetooth icon on your windows and select Bluetooth devices > add a Bluetooth device.
  4. Look for the Luna gamepad in your list of available devices and select to start pairing.
  5. Please wait a few seconds for it to finish pairing, and you are good to go.

The Luna Controller works just as well as a generic gamepad with Steam. The controller works over Bluetooth and USB with Windows PCs and Mac, and you can play games on Steam wirelessly. You just have to go into game settings and enable it as a generic controller.

How to Connect Your Amazon Luna Controller via USB-C

The Luna Controller has a USB-C port which you can use to link the controller to your PC and Steam, especially if you don’t want to use batteries.

First, you will need to find a perfect USB-C cable that connects the Luna Controller to the PC. The USB-C cable is not included in the Luna Controller box, and to use the USB-C cable option, you will need to have a cable. Then, connect your controller to your PC via the USB-C, and you can start gaming.

In cases where the connection fails, we suggest checking whether the cable is a USB-C. You can also try using different ports on your PC or uninstall and reinstall the USB drivers from the device manager.

Connecting the Luna Controller via Cloud Direct

You can connect your Luna Controller directly to the Amazon Luna game servers on Mac, PC, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, iPhones, and iPads. This helps reduce latency and button mapping. It is also quite fast compared to the other options listed above. However, it is important to note that if you want to use Cloud Direct with third parties like Steam, you will have to download the Amazon Luna controller app.


The last Steam update support added additional support for third-party players, such as the Luna Controller taking gaming to a higher level. Using the Luna Controller, you can now play games on Windows, Android devices, Mac and Fire TV, and Fire Tablets. There are various connection options, including Bluetooth, USB, and Cloud Direct, allowing you to use the Luna Controller with Steam.

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