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Is Luna Controller Rechargeable?

Last Updated Jul 29, 2022
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The Luna cloud game console has been the rave in the gaming world for quite a while now. This is because they offer something unique to what previously existed, with the ability for you to play games on devices you already own.

The Luna controller comes with two AA batteries rather than a rechargeable battery. You will therefore have to change batteries every time they run out. However, you can change the batteries to compatible rechargeable AA batteries.

There is a way to reduce the rate at which you will go through batteries, which shall be discussed in this piece. Also, we will look at other features of the Luna controller.

Is Luna Controller Rechargeable?

It shouldn’t have to be stated that every electronic device runs on power somehow. Some are powered by plugging them into a power outlet, while some use batteries that can either be rechargeable or an electrolyte battery you will replace when it runs out.

The Luna controller uses one such battery. Specifically, it comes with two AA batteries that are not rechargeable. This can be considered a positive as it is quite easy to replace such batteries. This is in contrast with some consoles that have to be replaced when their built-in battery gets weak.

In addition, you can replace the non-rechargeable batteries with rechargeable AA batteries. Of course, you need to ensure that the rechargeable batteries you get are compatible with the controller.

After a few months of gaming, the batteries that come with the controller will need replacing. At this point, you have to decide whether you will go for rechargeable batteries or something akin to what came with the controller.

How to Reduce Rate of Battery Usage

While AA batteries are cheap enough that you won’t feel much financial burden from buying them, it is always good practice to cut the usage to the minimum. A voracious gamer will see the benefit in this because such a person would run through batteries too quickly otherwise.

Some of the ways you can reduce battery usage are:

  • Remove the batteries after use: Every time you are not gaming, remove the batteries from the controller. If possible, you should place them in a well-ventilated position for the duration of unuse.
  • Connect to your gaming device using USB: When you use USB to connect your controller to whatever medium you are using to play, the battery doesn’t get drained. Rather, the USB supplies the power the controller runs on for the duration of use. However, this option will make you unable to utilize the reduced latency that is the best feature of the remote. Additionally, not all devices allow you to connect via USB, so it’s a limited option.
  • Use rechargeable AA batteries: While the batteries that come with Luna Controllers aren’t rechargeable, you can replace them with generic rechargeable AA batteries. This is probably more beneficial in the long run as it takes a very long time for these batteries to be weakened.

Doing this will reduce the cost of batteries in the long run. The last point—using rechargeable batteries—is the best solution to this,

The Amazon Luna Controller-A Cursory Look

The Luna controller was made mainly to play games on the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service. This service allows you to stream games from the Luna platform on any device you already own, be it mobile phones, PCs, Macs, Fire TV, Chromecast, or Fire tablet. The magic of the controller is that it is always ready for use after the device has recognized it.

The controller is very fast and convenient for gaming, with Amazon claiming that it reduces latency by 17 to 30 Ms when playing with cloud direct. However, you can also connect it to the device you’ll play on through Bluetooth and USB-C cable. With these latter options, you can play offline games on compatible devices.

Physically, the Luna controller is similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, with improved ergonomics to boot. The weight and feel in hand make it exemplary, and the buttons are designed to make you enjoy the best possible gaming experience. However, the buttons can be a bit stiff, especially in the first few months of use.

The controller features a 3.5mm headphone/mic jack on the bottom of the controller and a USB-C port you can use to connect the controller to a PC, Mac or TV. Above the Luna button is a tiny microphone that allows you to use Alexa on the controller.


The Amazon Luna controller comes with two non-rechargeable AA batteries. However, you can replace those with rechargeable AA batteries. You can get these online or at a convenience store near you. However, you should ensure that your batteries are compatible with YOUR controller.

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