Does Luna Controller Work with Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch dockedNintendo Switch docked

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With so many different game consoles on the market, you can easily lose track of controllers or want to cut down some of your gaming storage space. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles and appeals to people of all ages. However, you might also find that the standard controllers that come with your Nintendo Switch aren’t ideal for your type of gameplay.

The Luna controller works on the Nintendo Switch when you use a Bluetooth adapter to connect the controller to the game console. You can use any Bluetooth controller with your Nintendo Switch.

Continue reading to learn how to use your Luna controller with your Nintendo Switch using a Bluetooth adapter. We will discuss how you connect the devices and any troubleshooting you might have to experience.

What is a Bluetooth Adapter?

A Bluetooth adapter is a device that allows you to plug into your counsel of choice’s USB port. This adapter forges a Bluetooth connection between your controller and your game console. For example, without a Bluetooth adapter, you cannot attach your controller of choice to your Nintendo Switch unless it is a Nintendo Switch controller.

Bluetooth adapters can come in handy in several scenarios where you must forge a connection between incompatible devices. Both devices will work with your Bluetooth adapter if they both use Bluetooth. You can also use this Bluetooth adapter to connect headphones to your Nintendo Switch to have private gameplay.

How to Connect Your Luna Controller to Your Nintendo Switch

You first need to buy a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter before you can connect with your Luna controller. Connecting your Luna controller to your Nintendo Switch without buying a Bluetooth adapter is impossible. Follow the steps below to connect your Luna controller to your Nintendo Switch with a Bluetooth adapter.

  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch and plug your adapter into the USB slot on the side of your dock.
  2. Turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Locate the power button on your adapter and turn on your Bluetooth adapter.
  4. Put your Luna controller into pairing mode so your adapter can locate your controller.
  5. Once your controller successfully pairs with your Bluetooth adapter, you should be able to use the buttons on your controller to control what happens on your Nintendo Switch.

Pairing your Nintendo Switch with a Luna controller or any other controller is easy. It will only take a minute. If you buy another cable that can plug into your Nintendo Switch’s USB-C port, you can use your controller in handheld mode with your Bluetooth adapter.

What to Do If the Luna Controller Won’t Connect

if you can’t connect your Luna controller to your Nintendo Switch with the Bluetooth adapter, there might be something wrong with one of these devices. The first thing you need to do is identify which device is having a problem. The following are methods you can do to discover which device is experiencing connection problems.

  • Try connecting a different controller through your Bluetooth adapter to your Nintendo Switch to determine if your controller is the problem. If a different controller works, it’s most likely that your Luna controller has a Bluetooth connection issue, and you must go through that troubleshooting process.
  • Remove your Bluetooth adapter from your Nintendo Switch and try connecting a pair of headphones with your system. If you cannot connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch using Bluetooth audio, then it’s likely that your Nintendo Switch is experiencing Bluetooth connection problems.
  • If your Nintendo Switch and your Luna controller are not experiencing Bluetooth connection problems, the problem might be your adapter. Try turning the adapter off and back on to see if that resolves the issue. If the problem persists, contact the company that sold you the adapter for help.

With so many devices participating in the connection between a lunar controller and a Nintendo Switch, there’s a lot of room for error. After you determine which device is causing the connection issues, you must follow troubleshooting processes for that device to resolve its Bluetooth connection problems. Once all Bluetooth connection problems are resolved between the devices, you will easily connect your controller to your Nintendo Switch.

Final Thoughts

You must buy a Bluetooth adapter to complete the job if you want to connect non-Nintendo controllers to your Nintendo Switch. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to any device using Bluetooth. However, if you do not have a compatible Bluetooth adapter for your Nintendo Switch, you can only use Nintendo Switch remotes on your console.

Connecting a Luna controller to your Nintendo Switch can optimize your gaming experience and make it easier for you to play. However, some people prefer how certain controllers feel in their hands, and some don’t like how small the Switch controllers are. Fortunately, pairing a new controller with your Nintendo Switch will take less than a minute.

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