Can You Screen Mirror on a Sharp TV?

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Today, you can do so much more with your television and other devices such as smartphones and tablets because of technological advances. The days of wishing you could share videos, movies, or photos with others without being confined to your small device have become a reality. Some people wonder, however, if their Sharp TV has a screen mirroring feature. 

You can screen mirror on a Sharp TV in various ways using your smartphone or other devices. Several apps are compatible with your television and your device that making it simple to cast whatever you wish to view.

To discover the capabilities of screen mirroring on your Sharp TV, you will need to be familiar with what device you are using. Keep reading to learn more about screen mirroring and how you can use this feature on your Sharp TV.

Can You Screen Mirror on a Sharp TV?

Fortunately, with technology developers seeing a need for other ways for individuals to screen mirror on devices that are not compatible with the embedded software, new apps have come onto the market. These apps allow you to screen mirror from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices onto screens such as a Sharp TV.

The following apps allow users to screen mirror on their Sharp TV easily.

Screen Mirror Using Chromecast

Chromecast is a digital media player that attaches to your television and enables you to stream media. This streaming also includes being able to sync your device with a few simple steps so you can screen mirror your Sharp TV.

With Chromecast, users can screen mirror by using either the Google Home app, their smartphone, or a PC/laptop. The steps to do this are pretty simple and require you to be on both your television and the device at the same time so that it can sync.

When using the Google Home app, it is just a matter of plugging in your Chromecast dongle and then waiting for it to connect to an available device. Once this is done, it will show a code on both the TV and your device to ensure they match. When you verify this, then you can begin watching videos or movies from your phone on your Sharp TV.

Screen Mirror Using ApowerMirror

An ApowerMirror app is a great tool with many functions that can be great for everyday use or even presentations. The app can be used to both screen mirror from iOS or Android devices and can be used for other activities such as recording phone activity and such.

If you are using the app for screen mirroring while doing a presentation, this app allows you to annotate and control your phone while you are presenting. These functions make it easier to deliver a smooth presentation.

To use this app, you just need to download it on both your device and your Sharp TV and click a button on your device. Once the app detects your television, you will be able to screen the mirror with no problem.

Screen Mirror Using AnyView Cast

Depending on the model of your Sharp TV, it may come equipped with AnyView Cast that can be used to screen mirror anything from your mobile device. This feature allows you to use your WiFi connection to sync your Sharp TV to your smartphone, tablet, and more.

If you plan to do any screen mirroring, this may be a feature you want to ensure your Sharp TV has before you purchase it. This app makes it easy to screen mirror without using any additional equipment or downloading any apps.

AnyView Cast can be accessed from your Sharp TV’s input settings, which may look different depending on the model you have. Once you have found the feature and clicked on it, you will need to go to the cast option on your mobile device to connect. Now you should be able to screen mirror your device on your Sharp TV.

Screen Mirror Using LetsView

LetsView is a popular app when it comes to screen mirroring options due to the ability to use the app for free without having to register for an account. The app not only allows you to screen mirror content from your mobile device, but it also allows you to screen capture, record, and annotate if you are presenting.

Using the LetsView app is a great way to screen mirror your mobile device content without creating an account. It is also important to note that the LetsView app allows you to use these functions an unlimited number of times. 

To use LetsView, you will need to download it on both your Sharp TV and your mobile device and allow them to sync. Once they are connected, you can then use the screen mirroring features.

Why Use Screen Mirror?

The screen mirroring feature allows you to display content from your device to another screen to allow others to view it easily. Many people use this feature in classrooms and other businesses to present specific content to others that are in the room.

Some devices come equipped with screen mirroring technology already embedded, which makes it easy to cast to other compatible devices. Many apps have been developed to also allow users to screen mirror on other devices.

Final Thoughts

Overall, screen mirroring can be a great way to view various videos or movies that you can access on your mobile device on your Sharp TV. This can save you from the eye strain of watching these things on the small screen of your mobile device.

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