Can You Airplay To A Sharp TV?


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Although Smart TVs can stream many apps and channels, sometimes it is easier to just play from your phone. There are many ways you can mirror what’s on your phone to your TV, one option being Airplay for iPhones. But can this be done with a Sharp TV?

Your Sharp TV should be able to connect to your phone via Airplay as long as both devices are using the same internet or Wi-Fi. It should only take you a few minutes to set up the connection, and you can start watching using your iPhone.

Sometimes Airplay doesn’t work out for you, or you need an alternative method to mirror your phone. Here is how you can fix that or other ways to make this connection.

Can You Airplay To A Sharp TV?

Yes, you can airplay to a Sharp TV. Your Sharp TV should already have Apple Airplay integrated into its system, so all you have to do is go in and activate it

You can do this by completing the following steps:

  • Open the side menu so you can scroll through the system options.
  • Scroll down till you find “Setting” and click on it.
  • Scroll through the options until you find “Apple Airplay and Homekit.
  • The Airplay menu will open up to turn the connection on.
  • You can also adjust if a code is required the first time or every time.
  • Then connect your iPhone via Airplay.

You can also add a password in the Apple Airplay menu, so not everyone has access to your TV. It will keep you protected and ensure that no one tries to put anything on your TV’s screen without your permission.

Connecting Apple Airplay By Phone

You don’t need to go into settings to turn on your TV’s Apple Airplay most of the time. You can simply go into your phone and connect it this way. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to your shortcut menu on your iPhone.
  • Click on the symbol representing Apple Airplay which looks like a target with a small triangle at the bottom.
  • A menu will pop up asking which device you want to play on (the TV should be an option if on the same internet).
  • Click on the device you want to connect to.
  • The Airplay Menu will then pop up on the TV’s screen.
  • Input the code provided.
  • Start watching.

What To Do When Airplay Is Not Showing Up?

If you have tried to open up Airplay through your phone and the Sharp TV isn’t showing up or you went into your TV’s setting and couldn’t find Airplay, there is a simple solution. You will need to check for an update and update your TV. This should fix the problem immediately.

If you do all these steps and Airplay is still not showing up, your Sharp TV may not have the capabilities to use Airplay. Don’t worry, there are other methods to mirror your phone that don’t involve Apple Airplay.

Other Ways To Mirror Your Phone

Sometimes you have an older Sharp TV or maybe Apple Airplay isn’t possible. There are many other methods that you can use to mirror what’s on your phone on your smart TV. Here are some of those methods:

  • Screen mirror on iOS device.
  • Mirror directly through the streaming application.
  • Use a Roku fire stick.
  • Invest in a wired connection.

Screen Mirror On iOS Device

There are two ways you can screen mirror on your iOS device. You can choose Airplay or you can choose the “Screen Mirror” function. Not every device has Apple Airplay but almost all that connect to the internet can use the “Screen Mirror” function.

All you have to do is pull down your shortcuts menus on your iPhone and click on the “screen mirror” button. It looks like two screens. Your phone then will ask you which device you would like to connect to.

Mirror Directly Through Streaming Application

Most streaming applications allow you to mirror your phone to your TV. You don’t always have to have your account logged on the TV either. You just open the application you want to stream through and click on the screen mirror button. It should look like a TV with a signal coming from it.

Use a Roku Fire Stick

If you have a fire stick, you can use Apple Airplay on it. Ensure that your fire stick is updated and you can connect your phone directly to the fire stick via the same steps if you were connecting your Airplay to your smart TV.

Invest In A Wired Connection

A wired connection is great if you don’t have a smart TV or you don’t have internet access. You can purchase one that is compatible with your phone and then connect your phone through the HDMI port on your TV. 

There is the downfall that you will have to set your phone next to the TV and won’t be able to control what you are streaming from your couch. But, your phone will be charging because this wired connection also acts as a charger.


Apple Airplay makes life so much easier for you when you want to watch your shows and movies through your phone. You can connect it in a matter of minutes and control everything from where you sit. The luxury of smart devices and the ever-evolving technology!

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