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What Sharp TV Do I Have (Easily Find Your Model and Serial Number!)

Last Updated Feb 12, 2022

Sharp TVs are a great choice for any living space. But it can be difficult to identify what type of Sharp TV you have. So how do you find your model and serial number for your Sharp TV?

A Sharp TV has a model and serial number located on the back of the TV. Generally, this information can be found on the sticker on the back of the TV. Additionally, the model number can be found on the manual and user guide of the TV.

In this post, we will cover how to figure out which model Sharp TV you have. Keep reading to learn where you can find your model number.

What Type of Sharp TV Do You Have?

Finding the model and serial numbers are essential for contacting customer support if there’s a problem with your TV. The first step to figuring out what kind of Sharp TV you have is to locate the model and serial number of the TV. To do that, you just need to look at the back of your Sharp TV.

There should be a sticker at the back of the TV that shows you the model and serial number.

From there, you can use our guide to decipher the model and serial number to figure out what Sharp TV you have. 

What Type of Sharp TVs Are on the Market?

There are a few different types of Sharp TVs on the market. And while Sharp TVs are no longer made, Sharp does a great job of maintaining their website to reflect the different models available.

The following is a list of the different series offered by Sharp TV:

  • UD1 4K
  • LE 857
  • LE 757
  • LE 657
  • LE 550
  • LE 450U
  • LE 945
  • LE 847U
  • LE 835
  • LE 925
  • LE 820
  • LE 810
  • LE 700 UN
  • LE 620

These are all the different models you can find that Sharp made over the years. But it can be a bit difficult to decipher which model you have if you can’t read the serial number.

How Can You Decode Your Model and Serial Number?

The model and serial number are the best way to identify what type of Sharp TV you have. Most serial numbers start with either an LC or LE and then are followed by a series of numbers and letters. Let us break down those so you can determine what model you have.

These letters mean different things:

–   LC: LC at the beginning of the serial number indicates it is an LCD TV

–   LE: LE at the beginning of the serial number means that it is an LED lit back TV

Each TV starts with LC and then is followed by a set of numbers before reading LE. This set of numbers between the LC and LE on a serial number tells you how big the TV is. For example, if you have the model number LC-80LE857U. This is an 80-inch LED back lit LCD TV.

What comes after the LE is the model or series number. This number can be used to look up the different features the Sharp TV has available. For example, this TV is an LE 857 series. These TVs are known for being high-end. And they tend to have the following features:

  • Quattron 4 full HD color panel
  • 240 Hz refresh rate
  • Dual-core processor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 3D TV capabilities
  • Other Smart TV features

How Do You Know If Your Sharp TV Is A Smart TV?

The easiest way to tell if you have a Smart Sharp TV is to look at the model and serial number. If the model or serial number started with the following, you potentially had a Smart TV:

  • 4T – This code at the beginning of a serial number indicated it was a 4K TV.
  • 8T – This code at the beginning of a serial number indicated it was an 8K TV.
  • 2T – This code at the beginning of a serial number indicated it was a Full HD TV.
  • T – This code at the beginning of a serial number indicated it was an HD TV.

Most of the TVs built in 2015 and newer tended to be Smart TVs, but you could always pick and choose which parameters you liked for your TV best.

Most of the later made models from Sharp all had Smart TV capabilities, especially the 4K models and the LE 857 series. Even the LE 757 and LE 550 models sometimes had Smart TV features built into them.

In Summary: Your Sharp TV Is Easy to Identify

Today, there are a lot of resources on the web to identify what type of Sharp TV you have. All you must do is find the serial or model number on the back of the TV and give it a quick search.

Additionally, if you have the owner’s manual, the features are clearly listed out for you there.

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