Can You Buy A Second Camera For VTech Baby Monitor?

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Keeping baby safe at home is of the utmost importance to any parent. After all, you created the little life and are now tasked with caring for and protecting that life. Parents make this task easier by buying a VTech baby monitor. Occasionally, parents want to upgrade to multiple monitors, which raises the question, can you buy a second camera for a VTech baby monitor?

You can buy a second camera for the VTech baby monitor for most models. Some models allow up to four additional cameras to be included. Others allow only two, and a few models do not allow additional cameras. 

Now that you know that some VTech monitors allow the pairing of additional cameras, it is important to know which ones allow what. Keep reading to learn how many cameras each model allows and how to pair the cameras to a VTech unit properly. 

An Extra Camera for VTech Baby Monitor

Let’s face it; children get into everything. This causes parents’ anxiety levels everywhere to peak almost daily. To combat this stress and anxiety, parents utilize the power of baby monitors. VTech baby monitors are among the most popular option on the baby market to date. Below is a table illustrating which VTech monitors allow for additional cameras.

VTech Baby Monitor ModelNumber of Additional Cameras Allowed
RM7754HD 2
RM7764HD 2
BM2800 0
BM2900 0
All Other Models4

Now that you know how many cameras you can have, you should know that VTech only allows the same model cameras to be paired with their systems. This means you cannot buy a random spare monitor and connect it. It has to match the model number and be manufactured for the model baby monitor you own.

Understanding which units allow what type of connections is super convenient, but what happens when there is trouble with the additional cameras? We have some troubleshooting tips to help you work through the issues you may be experiencing below.

Lost WiFi Connection

The VTech baby monitor relies on a strong WiFi connection to pair with the child unit and any additional connected cameras. If the parent unit or camera units lose signal, or the signal is weak, they will stop functioning. This means there is no more video or audio functionality until the WiFi is back up and running.

Go to your router and ensure it is on and working properly. Test a computer or other connected device to see if it is working on WiFi. If the WiFi is down, it is time to restart the router and the modem. Once they have been restarted, try using the VTech baby monitor and cameras again.

Hardware Malfunction

Occasionally, the VTech baby monitor can freeze or lose image on the screen. This can happen due to a hardware malfunction within the unit itself. When this occurs, you will hear a beep alerting you that it is shutting down, or you may find out when you happen upon it again. Either way, it will require some troubleshooting to work out the issue.

First, you should try to turn off the VTech baby monitor completely. Once the monitor is turned off,  wait a few minutes. This will help the chipset and memory refresh completely. Once a few minutes are up, turn the parent unit back on. Go back and turn on each of the cameras as well.

If the unit turns on and functions properly, you are likely all set to go. If it still does not function properly, it is time to do a visual inspection. 

Look to see if there are any cracks or dents on the cameras or parent unit. If you see the damage, it could indicate that the inside chipset is broken. If this is the case, it is time to go and replace the unit with a new one. 

App Problems

Many of the newer versions of the VTech baby monitors come with an app-enabled control. This makes it so a parent can enjoy the baby with a physical parent unit and their cell phone while on the go. While the app typically functions properly, there are occasions when it stops working completely or seemingly loses connection to a VTech monitor.

When this occurs, you need to troubleshoot a few things to solve the issue. The first thing you should do is ensure your cellphone is connected to cellular or WiFi. Without some form of internet, it will not function and show you live updates. It can also make it appear as if the connection has been completely lost to the VTech baby monitor and cameras.

The next thing you should do is purposely remove the camera from the app and reconnect it. This can refresh the entire pairing and result in instant results. The pairing process is easy, and there is a step-by-step prompt that occurs on the app during the process.

Eyes Everywhere

Every parent has learned one way or another that complete silence from a child is a sign of mischief. Having multiple cameras around the house controlled by one VTech baby monitor is a great way to prevent mischief completely. Simply use the chart above to pick the right model for you and enjoy the day knowing the mischief has been managed.

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