4 Best Smart Locks For Thick Doors

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Smart locks can upgrade your existing lock and create a keyless entry to your home or business. Smart locks connect to Wi-Fi and give you the ability to unlock your door directly from your phone or from the device itself without requiring a standard key. 

There are many smart locks on the market but not all can be used with thick doors. Some companies make it tricky to find the door thickness requirements so we will be focusing on the best smart locks that can handle door thickness issues. 

Schlage Encode BE489

You can purchase an Encode here and the price ranges from $200-$300.

Door Thickness

The compatible door thickness range is 35mm-57mm. Any door thickness over 47mm will need to purchase the additional Thick Door Kit found here

Schlage Encode Features 

  • Wifi-enabled and can be used with Schlage Home app, Key by Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Ring. Ring can only be used if using Key by Amazon.
  • Approve family or friends to use the lock and can send notifications when the lock has been activated. 
  • Uses a physical key and a numeric keypad 
  • Encode can either be purchased with a Camelot or Century trim style and comes in Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Bright Chrome, or Aged Bronze finishes. 
  • Schlage has an interactive guide here, which also includes a section on how to install your Thick Door Kit.

Kwikset Halo Touchscreen Smart Lock

You can purchase a Kwikset Halo here and the price ranges from $200-$250.

Door Thickness

The compatible door thickness range is 35mm-51mm. 

Kwikset Halo Features 

  • Wifi-enabled and can be used with the Kwikset app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Brilliant.
  • Uses a physical key and a numeric keypad.
  • Ability to manage security in different locations remotely. 
  • Halo comes in colors including Iron Black, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, or Venetian Bronze
  • The Halo comes with an installation guide with the purchase or you can access the digital guide here.

Samsung SHP-DH538

You can purchase the Samsung Smart Lock here and the price ranges from $300-$350. 

Door Thickness

The SHP-DH538 has the most robust door thickness in this guide ranging anywhere between 40-80mm in thickness.

SHP-DH538 Features

  • No app is needed, this lock is configured to your fingerprint and passcode. Up to 100 fingerprints and passcodes can be programmed.
  • In-depth security features that can randomize the keypad so familiar fingerprint placement on the keypad cant be located.
  • Automatically lock the door after 3 seconds of being closed. 
  • Can be installed yourself here but Samsung does recommend professional installation.

August Wifi Smart Lock

You can purchase an August Smart Lock here and ranges from $199-$250 depending on optional add-ons. There is an option to add the Smart Keypad or the Echo Dot to your purchase. 

Door Thickness

What sets the August Smart Lock apart from other ones listed in this guide is it does not depend on door thickness for installation. This lock is made to be mounted on top of your deadbolt. August has compatible deadbolt brands and styles here.

August Wifi Smart Lock Features

  • Wifi-enabled and can be used with the August Smart Lock app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Airbnb, and many more. To see all compatible companies click here.
  • Grant access for others to activate the lock and receive notifications when the lock has been used. 
  • August has a built-in Auto-Lock feature and an Auto-Unlock feature for ease of access.

Door Thickness Tips

The first thing you want to know before buying a Smart lock is what kind of door the lock will be installed on. Door thickness does range from how old the door is, what kind of wood has been used, or the use of other materials like metal. 

Standard door thickness sold at most home improvement stores is going to be 35mm thick. Taller doors can have up to a thickness of 45mm thickness. Anything over 45mm is considered to be a thick door which could make it incompatible with some smart locks on the market. 

To measure the door thickness, take a ruler and start at the vertical edge of the door, cross the ruler over the deadbolt faceplate, to the opposite edge of the door. Keep the measurement handy as you will want to reference it with the specifications of these thick door-compatible smart locks.


There are many Smart Locks on the market today because of the advancements in security technology. Knowing the compatibility of the lock and door thickness is very important to make sure that your lock fits securely and cant be accessed by anyone else but you or approved people. Make sure to take measurements of your door first and then find the most compatible Smart Lock for what you need.

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