The Eufy Smart Lock is one of Eufy’s many security systems they offer for your home. With the Eufy Smart Lock, you can be sure that your home is always protected and do so in the advanced technological way Eufy offers. If you use Apple HomeKit, you may want to know if you can use your Eufy Smart Lock with it.

The Eufy Smart Lock does not work with HomeKit or Siri. The Eufy Smart Lock is not a compatible device with the iOS software that HomeKit runs under.

Although the Eufy Smart Lock does not work with Apple HomeKit, it can work with other software/products. Continue reading to learn more about the Eufy Smart Lock’s compatibility and what other locks can work with Apple HomeKit.

Does the Eufy Smart Lock Work with HomeKit?

Unfortunately, the Eufy Smart Lock does not work with HomeKit even though it would be convenient for users. This is because the Eufy Smart Lock, or any Eufy product for that matter, is not compatible with the iOS software of which HomeKit is a part of.

HomeKit is an app developed by Apple and is only available on iOS smartphones and iPads. This app can be downloaded to these Apple devices, and it lets users configure, communicate with, and control smart-home appliances right from the device. Unfortunately, Eufy products do not have the capabilities to connect to this type of software, making the two unable to be used together.

As of right now, there does not seem to be any plans for HomeKit and Eufy products to become compatible with one another. The two seem to be working just fine on their own and have similar products/software they are already compatible with, so it not as necessary for either Apple or Eufy to work together. However, even though they don’t need to work together, it could still be helpful, and maybe one day they will.

Other Software the Eufy Smart Lock Works With

Although the Eufy Smart Lock does not work with Apple HomeKit, you can still similarly control all of your Eufy devices in the same place on your smartphone from the Eufy App like the HomeKit offers for their compatible products. That way, it may not pose as too much of an issue that the Eufy Smart Lock and Apple HomeKit don’t work together.

However, one valuable part of devices being compatible with Apple is that users can use Siri. Not to worry, though; even though the Eufy Smart Lock does not work with HomeKit or Siri, that does not mean it doesn’t work with any other popular software that offers voice assistant technology.

The Eufy Smart Lock can, in fact, be controlled through voice commands, but it can only be done through certain voice assistants. Here is the voice assistant software that the Eufy Smart Lock can work with:

  • Amazon (Alexa)
  • Google (Google Assistant)

Smart Locks That Work with Apple HomeKit

Since Apple is so popular, some users may want to keep their products as closely associated with Apple as possible. If you would prefer to find a smart lock that does work with HomeKit and can be compatible with Apple, there are other terrific options on the market. Here is a list of smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit:

In Summary

Unfortunately for users who use Apple HomeKit, the Eufy Smart Lock does not work with it. In fact, all Eufy products, in general, are not compatible with it. So, if you have your hopes up for the two to work together, you may need to come up with a backup plan.

Although Eufy doesn’t work with HomeKit, it is a reputable security system company that offers advanced ways to keep users’ homes protected, especially the Eufy Smart Lock, which offers various ways to lock and unlock your door. The Eufy App allows you to control your Eufy devices from the same place, so HomeKit is not really necessary for these products.

However, if your personal preference is to use HomeKit, there are also other smart locks you can invest in that will connect to it. Whether you decide to go with the Eufy Smart Lock or find alternate options that can connect to HomeKit, you will still be able to protect your home in an advanced way just the same.