Why Won’t My Infant Optics Monitor Turn On?

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The worst problem that can happen to any device is not being able to power it on. Having any such device puts one in an unenviable situation as it’s very difficult to troubleshoot when the device is off.

The reasons for Infant Optics baby monitor not turning on include wrong connection, hardware damage, or issues with the battery.

Keep reading as we discuss the steps you can take to diagnose the problem and what you can do to solve each cause.

Reasons for Infant Optics Baby Monitor not Turning on

There are two units in the Infant Optics baby monitor–the monitor unit you use to check what’s going on with your baby and the camera unit that does the monitoring itself. Both can be faulty for various reasons.

Probably the biggest problem any device can have is not coming on when you try to put it on. This is because it is difficult to troubleshoot any device when it’s powered off. The Infant Optics Baby monitors aren’t an exception to this.

Many things could cause your Infant optics baby monitor not to power on. They are:

  • Wrong Connection: A wrong connection could be the camera unit not being well connected with the power source or the monitor unit not connected properly to the battery. You should check both of these properly to see if this diagnosis is correct.
  • Hardware damage: This is a common issue for devices as a vital component could be damaged. The hardware in question could be something trivial, like the power button, or even more important parts from the monitor motherboard.
  • The battery has issues: If the battery is depleted or even faulty, the monitor will not turn. The battery could be spoiled due to the natural decline of cell capacity over a long time, physical damage, or being left unused for a long time. Also, the battery can be damaged due to overvoltage or contact with a liquid.
  • There is no power from the outlet: This is relevant for the camera unit, as the monitor unit, in contrast, uses a battery. If the power supply somehow isn’t getting to the unit, it certainly won’t turn on. The way to know if this is the issue is by trying to connect it to another power outlet. If it turns on then, the problem is the power outlet used before.

These are the causes of either unit of Infant optics baby monitor not turning on when you try to power it off. Luckily, you can often solve this problem by yourself, and this will be the focus of the next section.

How to Fix Infant Optics Baby Monitor not Turning on

Knowing the source of any problem is the first major part of solving it, and knowing how to solve it is the other. Now, knowing the causes for infant optics baby monitors not turning on is enough to give a glimpse at how each cause can be tackled.

The ways to fix the issue of Infant Optics baby monitor not turning on are:

  • Check the connection and fix it if anything is wrong: If the battery is not well placed in the battery compartment, remove it and place it back into the compartment. Ensure it is firmly connected to the slot and the wire tabs are well connected to the contact slots. Also, remove the camera unit from the power adapter and then reconnect it properly.
  • Change the batteries if you detect a problem with them: The batteries of Infant Optics baby monitors are changeable, so this will be quite easy. You just need to order a replacement battery from Infant optics and either install it yourself or get a professional to help do it. Luckily, it is very simple to replace the battery, and you’ll need no help.
  • Change the power outlet and cable if need be: If power is not getting to the monitor unit, the problem is with either the power outlet it’s connected to or the power cable used for the connection. If it’s the power outlet, you only need to plug it into another outlet, and you’ll be okay. However, if this doesn’t work, it is probably the power cable, and you’ll have to replace it.

If all of these do not work, fixing the monitor is beyond your scope, and you’ll have to contact Infant optics for professional help.


You can troubleshoot and fix your Infant optics baby monitor by yourself if it’s not turning on. The causes for this issue include a faulty battery, wrong connection, hardware damage, and lack of power from the outlet. You can fix all these bar hardware damages by following the instructions in the previous section. However, hardware damage will have to be resolved by requesting professional help.

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