Why Is My Kindle Oasis Frozen (8 Fixes to Try!)


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The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s latest installment of its e-reader collection and is the most advanced Kindle Amazon has to offer. The more advanced technology allows the device to run more smoothly and offers better features that past Kindles do not. However, this does not exclude it from any malfunctions to occur. 

Keep reading to find 8 ways to fix your Kindle Oasis when it starts acting up on you. These simple solutions will be helpful as a future reference when your device is not working properly.

Restart Your Kindle Oasis

Restarting your device is normally the first solution that most people think of when a problem arises. This will help reboot the device and hopefully get it to work again. 

To restart the Kindle Oasis, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds or until the screen turns black. 
  2. Release the power button and wait a few seconds. 
  3. The device’s charging light should turn on and start rebooting. 

If this does not resolve the issue, another way to reboot your Kindle Oasis is to charge it for 30 minutes or until the charging light turns green, and try to perform the same actions listed above again.

Clean Out the Charging Port

 A blockage within the charging port can hinder your device’s ability to charge properly and disrupt your time to enjoy your ebook. Without any battery, your Kindle Oasis may not be able to reset and fix your frozen screen problem.

Make sure that your device’s charging port is free from any dust or debris. If there is, simply find a thin object, such as a toothpick or paper clip, to clear it out.

Make Sure Your Charging Cable Works

Another reason why you might be delayed on enjoying your Kindle Oasis is due to a faulty charging cord. You will not be able to charge your device and have the ability to reset it to fix your frozen screen.

It is important that the charging cords are working properly so that your device can recharge effectively and efficiently. Replace and change the broken charging cable so that your Kindle Oasis can reboot.

Make Sure There Aren’t Too Many Tabs Open

Since your Kindle Oasis has a limited memory and processing power, having too many tabs open while you are enjoying it will overload its processor. This can cause your device to slow down and eventually freeze.

Make sure that all unnecessary tabs in your web browser are closed so you can have the ability to enjoy your Kindle Oasis without experiencing any internal processing issues.

Close Apps When You Aren’t Using Them

Another way that your Kindle Oasis’ processor can overload is due to the amount of apps that are open. Running multiple apps all at once can also be the culprit for your device to freeze.

Similar to closing all unnecessary tabs, close all of the apps that you are not using at the moment. This ensures that your Kindle Oasis’ processor will not overload its memory and processing power, allowing you to enjoy your device.

Get Rid of Ads to Avoid Viruses

There are two options of a Kindle Oasis you can purchase: one with ads and one without ads. If you have a Kindle Oasis with ads, be cautious on the ads you click because, sometimes, ads can be viruses. This can lead to your device to freeze up its screen or freeze while trying to open another page for the ad.

Although it is extra to purchase the Kindle Oasis without any ads, it can help avoid viruses disguised as ads from freezing your device and getting in the way of enjoying your ebook reader.

Uninstall or Change Your Antivirus Software

It is important to install a reliable antivirus software into your Kindle Oasis to ensure that you have something that will prevent you from opening a page if there is any suspicious activity detected. However, some antivirus software will also do this for non-suspicious websites too causing your device to freeze up when you try to open that page.

There are numerous free and reliable antivirus software that you can install into your Kindle Oasis. Make sure to research them before installing one to avoid any unwanted viruses that will cause your ebook reader to freeze and hinder your ability to enjoy it.

Make Sure that Your Kindle Oasis is Updated

Not having the latest version installed on your Kindle Oasis can cause it to freeze and get in the way of you enjoying it. The latest versions will normally have helpful updates that will allow your ebook reader to perform better.

Simply connect your Kindle Oasis to your WiFi and your device should update automatically allowing you to appreciate your device without any freezing issues.

Enjoy Your Kindle Oasis Without Any Interruptions

Don’t let any internal problems take too much time from you utilizing your Kindle Oasis. You may have to eventually upgrade your device in the future but, if you follow these simple solutions, you can enjoy the ebook reader that you own right now.

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