Does The Kindle Scribe Convert Handwriting To Text?

Writing a sticky note on a Kindle ScribeWriting a sticky note on a Kindle Scribe

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The Kindle Scribe is the latest addition to the Kindle family that offers a handwriting option for notes, so can it convert your handwriting to text?

The Kindle Scribe does not convert handwriting to text. It is capable of note-taking using a stylus and allows you to take notes with the pen or type in the text.

Many modern note-taking apps and tablets have handwriting recognition that converts your notes into searchable text. Sadly, the Kindle Scribe lacks this feature, but has many others! 

Taking Notes on the Kindle Scribe

One thing that is great about the Kindle Scribe is if you are used to jotting down quick notes or annotating your books. The notes app allows for free-hand writing or drawing.

The ability to annotate directly on your e-reader makes consolidating your thoughts on the text quick and easy. It is just as easy to erase an errant thought using the premium pen’s eraser.

To Take Notes Using a Kindle Scribe:

Taking notes on a Kindle Scribe is extremely easy and prevents you from wasting paper with sticky notes:

  1. Tap the black circle on your Kindle Scribe Screen
  2. Tap the small sticky note
  3. Use your Kindle Scribe pen to select where you want to write a note
  4. Write your note 
  5. Close the window by touching the X 

When you look at the text where you put your notes, you will see a small sticky note symbol where you can go in and open the notes.

You can later export your notes to send to other people.

What Documents can you Take Notes on a Kindle Scribe?

The Kindle Scribe works with many different document files. This makes it easy to discuss notes for book clubs, solve problems in math textbooks, and practice drawing!

You can take notes on PDF, Kindle books, and DOCX documents that are sent through “Send to Kindle” or the Kindle App, as well as many more.

We have a complete list of what the Kindle Scribe supports.

Amazon is constantly rolling out updates for all of its devices and plans to offer many more options for those who love utilizing the new handwriting option.

How to Send Documents with a Kindle Scribe

Sending edited documents with your Kindle Scribe is similar to sending documents with other Kindle models. However, it has the uniqueness of a Kindle Scribe’s notes.

Before starting, make sure your Kindle device is synced, so you get all your updated info.

  1. Open the Kindle App on your desktop
  2. Open the document you want to export
  3. Select “Show Notebook”
  4. Select “Export”
  5. Select “Save As”

Now you have a document that can be sent via email.

Eventually, Kindle Scribe documents can also be sent to and from Microsoft Word without email.

Advantages of Taking Notes on a Kindle Scribe

The Scribe is for people who want a large screen e-reader and an easy-on-the-eyes screen.

The Kindle Scribe comes with a large 10.2” screen. The screen is an update from the 7-inch Paperwhite or the Oasis screen.

These added features make note-taking infinitely easier than typing into a window on Paperwhite or the Oasis:

  • Large e-ink display
  • A basic pen or premium pen
  • Free-hand drawing
  • Faster note-taking with amazing control
  • Create your own notebook

The Kindle Scribe will only get better from here to enhance user experience with many updates.

Are There Limitations to Note Taking on a Kindle Scribe?

Since it is an extremely new feature for the Kindle family, handwritten notes have some limitations.

  • Handwritten notes do not convert to text
  • You cannot edit books and cross out text
  • Notes are unsearchable
  • No color options available
  • No brush options
  • Not waterproof

Even though some of these limitations can seem to defeat the purpose of being able to write notes, Amazon constantly gives users free updates. 

Some updates Amazon plans to do are:

  • Increased writing tools and brush types
  • Allowing copy and paste of handwritten text
  • Notebook organization tools
  • Send documents to Kindle Scribe from Microsoft Word

These updates will help the Kindle Scribe hold to the ideology of Kindles giving users a real-life experience without having the weight of a book.

Best Options for Handwriting to Text

If you want to jot down notes and convert those notes to text without waiting to see if Amazon will roll out an update, you can do this with a tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8$$
Microsoft Surface Pro 9$$$$
Apple 12.9 in iPad Pro$$$$

All of these devices are great for converting your handwritten notes to editable text, but if you already have a device, you might be able to get away with getting a stylus and using an app.

e-Reader or Tablet

If you’re up in the air about getting a Kindle Scribe or a tablet, here are some things to consider before buying:

The e-ink display of an e-reader also allows the easy-to-read, high-contrast text on a power saving e-ink screen that will have your battery lasting seemingly forever (weeks).

However, if you need those external apps, an internet browser, the ability to check your email, and other such internet functions, you will be better off buying a tablet.


The Kindle Scribe is great for an e-reader capable of taking basic notes. But it lacks a color screen and handwriting recognition and can’t support many apps.

The Kindle Scribe is a niche product for a few consumers. For those consumers, it will be a wonderful machine. For those that are more tech-driven, it may lack the bells and whistles.

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