Why is My Kindle Oasis Battery Draining So Fast?

Kindle next to a computerKindle next to a computer

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The Kindle Oasis has received a reputation for having poor battery life. Sometimes, this can be due to a faulty battery, but more often, it is due to settings on the device that need to be fine-tuned. You may be asking yourself, “Do I need a new battery? Why does it seem like every night I am having to charge my Kindle Oasis?”

The most common reason the Kindle Oasis battery is draining quickly is eBook indexing. Other reasons for excessive battery drain can be Screen Brightness and Bluetooth or WiFi use.

Do you have a relatively new e-reader and a battery that is draining in a matter of hours or days, not weeks? If you are tired of frequent charging, you will want to know how to enable your Oasis to use less battery. Read on for ways to lengthen the charge of your Kindle Oasis.

How Can I Make my Battery Last Longer?

A common problem among e-readers is indexing, which is a high computing activity and leads to battery drain more quickly. When it comes to e-readers, indexing means creating a traditional index you will find at the back of a physical book containing page numbers that are hyperlinked to their referenced passages within the eBook.

Only Download New eBooks While Charging the Device

Most book publishers do not provide this feature in the eBook and thus, the Kindle must perform this once it is downloaded. One way to solve this problem is to only download new eBooks while your device is charging.

The Kindle Oasis battery will drain quickly when downloading new books due to the processing power required from indexing.

After downloading the new books, your battery won’t drain as quickly.

Back up to a Personal Computer

If it seems your Oasis is still struggling with this issue, another method you could use is to back up your books to your personal computer or laptop and then reset the Kindle Oasis.

  1. Connect the Kindle to a computer using a USB cable
  2. Find the additional disk named Kindle on your PC
  3. Copy the disk’s Documents folder to the desired computer location

Next, you will need to reset the Kindle Oasis.

Perform a Factory Reset

Be aware though that a factory reset will remove everything on the Kindle device.

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Select Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Device Options
  5. Select Reset.
  6. Read the warning carefully and when confirmed, select Yes.

Once complete, the Kindle device is essentially a brand new one, and your books can be reloaded onto the device, indexed, and synced.

Other Ways to Improve Kindle Oasis Battery Life

Some other methods that can be used to help limit the battery usage are:

  • Turn off auto-brightness in the settings
  • Lower your device’s brightness settings
  • Enable Airplane mode when your WiFi and Bluetooth connection are not in use
  • Put your device in sleep mode when done reading
  • Use the Nightlight feature
  • Ensure your device has downloaded the latest firmware version to fix any software bugs

At this point, if you are still experiencing significant issues with the battery draining, contact Amazon’s customer support.

How Long Does the Battery of a Kindle Oasis Last?

The Kindle Oasis uses a lithium-ion battery both in the e-reader itself and in the leather cover. The estimated life of a lithium-ion battery is two to three years before needing to be replaced. According to Amazon, a single battery charge will last you for six weeks if you use their recommended practices:

  • Limit your reading to half an hour a day
  • Turn off Bluetooth 
  • Set the brightness to 13

This may sound like unrealistic expectations for use of the device, but even if you are reading for an hour or so daily, and with the display a little brighter than Amazon recommends, it should still last for a few weeks before needing to recharge.

How Do I Check my Kindle Battery Health?

By default, a battery icon appears on the upper-right edge of the Kindle Oasis; this gives a visual representation of how much battery remains. You can also display this as a percentage. Having the battery reading indicated as a percentage can help see how quickly your battery is draining.

Does Dark Mode Save Battery?

A couple of reasons why Dark Mode can be beneficial to use on your device is it is less of a strain on the eyes while reading as well as using less battery. The normal black text on a white background works well for daytime reading; however, the white background could be too bright for your eyes at night.

Here is how you can invoke Dark Mode on the Kindle Oasis:

  • Tap along the top of the display to launch the toolbar.
  • Tap in Settings and choose the Dark Mode option.

The display will instantly change to a black background and white text. The change is system-wide, meaning everything on the Kindle will change to the white-on-the-black setting.


Using the tips provided in this article, charging your Kindle Oasis no longer needs to be a daily routine. There are several causes of quick battery drain on the Kindle Oasis. The leading causes are indexing, WiFi, and screen brightness. With the modification of a few settings, the battery life can be strongly improved.

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