Why Does My Kindle Oasis Keep Restarting?

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The Kindle Oasis is a pretty handy device; it has impressed consumers across the market with its lightweight body, great screen quality, reduced eye strain backlighting, and of course, being the home to thousands of your favorite books. While most users are happy with their Kindle Oasis e-readers, they have been known to have some problems, and you may be wondering: why does my Kindle Oasis keep restarting?

The most likely reason that your Kindle Oasis keeps restarting is that it is simply trying to organize the many books it has stored. This may also lead to freezing and a slow response time.

If you want to learn about how to stop your Kindle Oasis from restarting at random, this is exactly the article you were searching for! We are going to discuss the other possible reasons why your Kindle may be restarting, and of course, how to fix the issue. 

Why Does my Kindle Oasis Keep Restarting?

As you now know, presumably, your Kindle Oasis is continuously restarting because it is overwhelmed with trying to organize and store the many books you have downloaded. 

Now it’s important to note that depending on the GB storage of your Oasis, the e-reader should be able to hold between 1,000 and 3,000 books quite comfortably. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t sometimes get overburdened by trying to catalog all these titles. 

Of course, even though an e-reader that keeps restarting erratically can be pretty frustrating, the good news is that the device isn’t broken. However, you probably will still want to know how to make it stop!

How to Stop my Kindle Oasis from Restarting

In order to stop your Kindle Oasis from sporadically restarting, there are several solutions you can try. 

  • Intentionally restarting the device. 
  • Deleting the books you do not need to be stored. 
  • Returning the device to the factory settings. 

Now, this list of resolutions is organized from easiest to most challenging, and therefore, you should start at the top and work your way down if each solution does not do the trick. 

Intentionally Restarting the Device

This is the simplest answer to your problem: you may just need to restart your Kindle Oasis! To do so, you need to hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds. 

This allows the Kindle to shut down completely before restarting. If your Kindle Oasis has stopped turning on and off, you are good to go! If not, there are four more options to try. 

Deleting Stored Books

As we mentioned earlier, technically the Kindle Oasis has plenty of storage for thousands of books. However, the technology can’t quite keep up with the storage and too many books is almost certainly the problem your device is facing if it is continually restarting. 

The solution here is to simply delete the books you have already read or are not planning to read in the immediate future. If you purchased the books through your Amazon library, the good news is that the titles will stay in your library for when you are ready to re-download them onto your Oasis without having to re-purchase them. 

It’s slightly difficult to pin down the number of books which is the tipping point that leads to your Kindle being overwhelmed, however, we recommend holding no more than one hundred books at a time on the device. 

Returning the Device to Factory Settings

You may be familiar with the process of returning one of your many smart devices to factory settings. The unfortunate side effect of this solution is that you will have to reprogram your Kindle Oasis to your preferences. 

Including signing back into your Amazon account and re-downloading all of your purchased books. However, if you have made it this far down the list without solving your problem, it is the next viable option. 

To restore your Kindle Oasis to the factory settings, you need to follow the instructions below: 

  • Pull down the menu and access the QUICK ACTIONS option. 
  • Select MENU and then SETTINGS. 
  • Navigate to DEVICE OPTIONS.
  • Select RESET. 

Your Kindle should now reset itself back to the factory settings. If once you have turned the device back on, signed in, and downloaded a few books, it continues to restart randomly, unfortunately, you should probably reach out to the Amazon support team for help as it is probably a technical issue you cannot fix on your own. 

Final Thoughts

While the Kindle Oasis is fairly technologically advanced, of course, with all tech gadgets, there are slight hiccups that can occur. 

Hopefully, you now understand that your Kindle Oasis is most likely continually restarting because it is simply attempting to organize the many books it has stored. 

More importantly, you now know how to fix the problem yourself! 

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