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What Charger Does Kindle Oasis Use?

Last Updated May 14, 2022

Grabbing a Kindle and using it to read is a great choice. It helps reduce the clutter of books and allows readers to explore new authors that are not available at big-box chain retailers or local libraries. When users get a Kindle Oasis, they must first charge it before using it. This begs the question, what charger does the Kindle Oasis use?

The Kindle Oasis uses USB-C charging. The charger that comes with the Kindle is a USB-C, and Amazon recommends a specific brand of USB-C charger for the Kindle. Any good-quality USB-C charger will work with the Kindle Oasis. Just plug it in and let it charge, and you will be reading in no time.

One charger is not always convenient for a bookworm. Especially if said bookworm likes to bring their Kindle Oasis all over with them. In this case, it makes the most sense to buy multiple USB-C charging cords to keep with the Kindle and other key spots around the house. Read on to learn about the best USB-C cords to charge the Kindle Oasis with and other great tips.

What is a USB-C Charger?

A USB-C charger is the newest type of charger on the market. It has begun to be used with many different types of electronics like tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, computers, and much more. This new technology is super quick and convenient. Many people wonder, though, exactly what it is.

The USB-C has a different-looking end than typical USB cables. It is smaller, more compact, and works with the newest technology. This cable type tends to charge devices much faster than its older counterparts. It is commonly used with newer Android devices, iPhones, and other technologies.

Due to this new charger type coming out, many companies have quickly hopped on board to manufacture their own. IT can be hard to discern which one to buy in the sea of options. Read on to learn which USB-C chargers are the best for you and your Kindle Oasis. 

You should keep a few spare USB-C chargers around your home, especially if you find your battery is draining quickly.

What USB-C Cables Work With Kindle Oasis?

There are thousands of USB-C cables online that users can buy and use with the Kindle Oasis. Just because there are many options does not mean they are all of good quality. Using a good-quality charging cable is key to extending the life of a Kindle Oasis and its battery. Here is a chart of some of the best USB-C chargers and why they are great:

Charger Type/BrandWhy it is Great
Amazon 5W USBCompatible with all Kindle Fire devices and all Kindle e-readers with a USB-C port. It isn’t the fastest, but it will charge relatively quickly.
Amazon 9W This is another Amazon official charger that will charge any Amazon Fire device that uses a USB-C. It is much faster and can fully charge devices in under 4 hours.
Kindle Fire Fast ChargerThis charger is an affordable alternative. It costs about $10. It is UL listed and has a long charging cable for convenience.
Kindle Fire Fast Charger This charger is heat resistant, compact, and provides fast charging speeds. It is also less expensive than the Amazon brand chargers.
Made for Amazon This charger comes with a cable and a wall block to charge with. The wall block is convenient if a user does not have a computer or USB wall outlet to plug into.

There are thousands of chargers on the Amazon marketplace. The best way to decide which works best is to heed the reviews from other verified customers. Any charger with a 4.5 star or higher average rating is likely to be a good option to select.

Wireless Charging Options

Not everyone relishes the idea of being stuck hooked up to a charging cable. Many people prefer the clean look that wireless charging provides. It also prevents users from tripping over wires and destroying their devices due to an accidental fall. The Kindle Oasis does not independently support wireless charging, but by following these steps, you can retrofit it:

  1. Log onto Amazon and search for ‘Kindle Oasis Wireless Charging Case’
  2. Review the results. Ensure that you choose a charging case with good reviews, preferably 4.5 stars and above, and over 1,000 reviewers.
  3. Order the case
  4. Now search for ‘Wireless charging pad’
  5. Ensure the one you choose has good reviews and is compatible with the case you selected

Once everything has arrived at your home, place the case on the Kindle Oasis and plug in the wireless charging pad. Then, place the Kindle Oasis on the charging pad in its new case. You now have wireless charging capabilities.

Although this is not as easy as simply placing the Kindle Oasis on a wireless charging pad, it is convenient. This method will not hurt the Kindle Oasis and it will provide a backup power source for the Kindle Oasis. All in all, it is a win-win.

Charge it up and Enjoy

The average Kindle Oasis can stay charged for about 40 hours with moderate use. This is great for any reader who wants to spend the day with their nose stuck in a good book. If you use the Kindle Oasis more prevalently, then it may last less time. Either way, with the proper charging cable or case, you should be able to enjoy the e-reader for many hours to come.

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