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Why Is My Firestick Stuck On Updating? 5 Fixes To Try

Last Updated Dec 5, 2022

Long gone are the days when the cinema was always brimming with people gathered to watch a movie. Fortunately, crowded events are changing their service and attendance forms by incorporating virtual options rather than physical ones like the cinema buildings for movie enthusiasts. Streaming services have provided alternatives to fans of several events to catch up with their favorite shows and plays.

Firestick enables you to connect your TV with several channels along with network TV apps. It is also helpful for downloading apps from the Amazon store or accessing other streaming services. Firestick undergoes periodic improvements for better performance and efficiency like other software services. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Does Firestick Get Stuck After Updating?

The Firestick might sometimes encounter other operational problems that may arise due to network glitches, buffering issues, app crashes, hardware malfunction such as adapter failure, poor remote function, or the incompatibility of Firestick with the network router, amongst other challenges. 

If your Firestick isn’t working in general, we’ve got some other fixes for you.

Keep reading to find out how to do what to do when a Firestick gets stuck.

Five Ways to Fix a Firestick When It Gets Stuck After an Update

Certain challenges may arise after updating Firestick, originating from either hardware malfunctions or improper software setup. Getting stuck after updating, Firestick can be fixed by carrying out any of the actions below.

Reboot the Firestick

Rebooting the Firestick is done to refresh the device’s memory, which may have run into errors while carrying out commands or get stuck due to wrong commands. 

Here’s how to do that:

  1. One option is to unplug the device and reconnect after some minutes. 
  2. Alternatively, navigate through the device settings page and select “Restart.”
  3. If a blank screen appears and you cannot navigate to the settings page, press and hold the “select” key alongside the “play” key for about five seconds. 
  4. The Firestick icon should appear to notify you that the device is closing to restart, and you can release the keys you pressed earlier.

If this fix doesn’t work, take a look at the next solution.

Fixing Issues About Connectivity

Internet connection is required to know if your network will be suitable with streaming services. Usually, an internet speed test is recommended to ensure it is working well. 

In addition, the following actions can be taken to resolve other issues causing a slow network function which is not caused by a weak internet connection.

Restart WiFi Connections

This action refreshes the internet adapter by restarting connections between the devices. It should restore the connections and enable the devices to work effectively.

Reconnect to the Internet

After restarting the devices and network connectivity remains ineffective, carry out a “forget” action on the network. Connect back to the same network and launch the device. This action clears the history of connection to the network and enables you to connect as a new device.  

Reduce the Distance Between the Network Adapter and Firestick

Slow connections may occur due to the distance from which Firestick is placed to the WIFI router. A large distance can limit its functionality and also cause issues while updating. It makes the device get stuck and limits its speed.

Check the Compatibility of Firestick with the Router

Check to ensure that Firestick is compatible with the internet WIFI router. The model of Firestick and the internet router being used should be the most recent versions of each. This encourages better chances that they work together.

How to Fix Firestick Program/Software Crashes

Firesticks can run into other software problems related to performance or function. This can lead to a crash in the device’s program execution. Clearing the memory by performing a factory reset deletes the device records but makes right many problems earlier encountered.

Reset to Factory Settings

This option should be used when all other options could not fix the challenge. The command returns Firestick to an original state created by the manufacturers and fixes any problems left. However, earlier applications and programs may need to be redownloaded and reinstalled. 

Check Your HDMI Connections

A faulty port can cause Firestick to run into several issues. Always ensure a workable port is chosen and Firestick is properly inserted. Alternatively, the short cable that provides an insertion point for HDMI can be used. That has an added advantage; it can give some space.


Firesticks can be maintained to function efficiently by ensuring that all hardware components are in good working conditions. It is also advisable to perform regular software updates/upgrades. This is recommended to increase its working efficiency. 

Following the solutions prescribed, your device should work efficiently as expected.