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Does the Amazon Firestick Need Power?

Last Updated Jun 17, 2022
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An Amazon Firestick is a fantastic device that can essentially turn almost any TV into a Smart one. This device makes streaming a lot easier, it simply plugs into a TV’s USB outlet. While a Firestick of course uses Wifi, what does it do for power? Do you need to plug it in?

The Firestick does require a power source to operate. You can power your Firestick by plugging it into a regular wall outlet, or connecting it to another USB outlet on the TV. Both are good options, but one might work better for you and your TV setup.  

So now you’re probably wondering “How do I know which of these is the better option for me in my home?” Keep reading to find out which option is best for you, so you can get your Firestick up and running.

Options for Powering Your Firestick

There are a few options when it comes to utilizing your new Firestick with your TV. Either the traditional wall outlet, or plugged into a USB port.

Connecting your Firestick to a power source simply by plugging it into the wall is pretty easy. If you choose this option, you are set to connect to the Wifi to get started.

However, there is a second option. You can also of plug the USB port into the firestick and the other end into a powered USB port on the television.

The right way depends on the configuration of your TV and the room itself. If there is a power outlet that is open near the television, it is recommended to use the wall outlet as the source of power. This is the easiest and most reliable power source.

However, if you do not have a free outlet available on the wall, you have the second option of using the television as the power source.

How to Your Firestick to Power

Once you’ve determined which way is going to work for you, based on whether or not you have a wall outlet within reach of your Firestick cord, then you’re ready to set it up and start streaming.

Here are the few steps to starting up your Amazon Firestick:

  • Unbox your items: Take all the items out of the box and ensure you have all the accessories for installation. This should include the Firestick, a power adapter, a micro-USB cable, two AAA batteries, and HDMI extension, and a remote control.
  • Plug in: Plug the Firestick into your television on the back.
  • Plug the cable into your Firestick. There is a plug on the side of the firestick.
  • Connect the cable to the power outlet. This is the recommended way of installation.
  • If you cannot connect to a power outlet, you may connect the USB port into the television for power.
  • Turn on your television and change the input mode to the port the Firestick is in. (Example: HDMI 1 or 2).
  • Insert AAA batteries into Firestick remote control.

Setting Up the Firestick

  • Press the home button and select your language. After selecting, follow the prompts in setting up your Firestick.
  • Select your Wifi network. You will see networks nearby pop-up as options to connect to. Select your Wifi option when it appears. Enter password on the keyboard if your Wifi is password protected.
  • Sign into your amazon account. The next step requires you to log into your amazon account. If you already have an account, click the option to sign in. If you do not already have an account, click the selection to sign up to create one. An amazon account is required to operate the Amazon Firestick.
  • Follow the prompts. There will now be a few more prompts and you can choose whether to set up parental controls and save passwords on your account.
  • Choose the make of  your TV. Choose the type of television you have to set up to the Firestick.
  • Pair the Firestick remote to the TV following the prompts. By pairing the remorse to your television, you will be able to control both the Firestick and your TV using the Firestick remote. This includes also controlling the volume of your television and turning it on and off.
  • Use the remote to control and set up your favorite programs on your Firestick
  • Connect to the internet. When setting up your Firestick, the option will pop up to connect it to the internet. You do need Wifi to be connected to your Firestick to use this device. Once you connect to the Wifi, you are ready to download your favorite apps and streaming services.
  • Download your favorite apps. Now you are ready to stream your favorite platforms. You will have to login to each app using your login information for those streaming app platforms.

Final Thoughts

It really is that simple! After reading this article, you can see the answer is yes, you do need power to use a Firestick. However, you have two options to power up your device. These include either the wall power source or using the HDMI power source on your television. You are now ready to use and enjoy your new Amazon Firestick and enjoy your streaming platforms.

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