Why Do I Have to Keep Retuning My LG Smart TV?

Channel Tuning LG TVChannel Tuning LG TV

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Channel Tuning allows your LG TV to automatically or manually search for local channels, but when channels start disappearing or being deleted, it becomes a nightmare.

You may be repeatedly retuning your LG TV because it automatically deletes channels with weak or no signal when it’s turned off. Weak signals can be the result of frequent signal interference such as bad weather.

There are a lot of factors that can go into why you aren’t getting a strong signal to keep your current channels. They range from bad antennas to bad weather, we’ll cover all of it and more.

Why Do I Need to Keep Retuning My LG Smart TV?

Retuning your LG TV every once in a while is a good idea because occasionally TV companies will release new channels, change the channel number or the frequency has been changed.

Channel tuning in progress LG TV

But when you notice your channels start disappearing or being deleted when you turn it off, it becomes a real headache. This is because your LG TV is “smartly” programmed to remove channels with weak signal which requires you to manually scan for it again.

Here are a few reasons why this may be happening:

  • You live in an area with a lot of interference (lots of trees or airplanes fly over)
  • Your area often experiences bad weather which causes interference (wind and rain)
  • Equipment in your home is causing interference (hair dryer, electric drills, computing devices)
  • Low quality equipment such as coaxial cable or cheap antenna
  • Antenna is in a bad position with many objects or interference

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider. Try the easiest solution first then work towards the more drastic fixes.

How to Get a Strong Signal for LG TV for Channel Tuning

Here is a list of solutions we suggest you to try to improve your signal.

Our favorite though is spending the extra cash to get a significantly better TV Over-the-Air DVR Tuner and antenna with all the bells and whistles.

This will quickly fix most issues people are having but also technology proof your home for years to come.

Reposition Your Antenna

Your Antenna may just be in bad position, try positioning it where there aren’t a lot of objects blocking it. You may try picking up your antenna while it scans and seeing which direction picks up more channels as network towers may be in different directions.

A website like Rabbit Ears can help you determine where a specific signal or tower is coming from.

Upgrade Your Antenna

Most of us think of antennas as flimsy and cheap products, but there are actually some really high quality antennas that can reach 300+ miles and receive full HD channels like this long range antenna. Another good option is the well known Channel Masters antenna who has been around since 1949.

Grab a Better TV Tuner or OAT DVR

Your TV Tuner allows you to scan for channels back to your TV, but many default tuners aren’t that great. There are a lot of options out there such as the Mygica USB 2.0 TV Tuner or the more beefy Tablo OTA (Over-the-Air) DVR.

While the USB TV Tuner gives you a more solid connection, the OAT DVR allows you to record 4 live shows, skip commercials, and works with Rokus/Firesticks. The price is more expensive but its a one time fee and allows a lot of flexibility for the local channel fans.

Combine Two TV Antennas

You may have several channels in different directions and want to reach all of them, so the common solution is to combine both antennas. Generally all you need an Antenna Amplifier but if you want more direction on it, check out this resource here.

Update Your TVs Firmware or Software

LG TVs have software tied to them that is often updated to resolve old bugs. Going into your “All Settings” and looking for the section “About” or “Software” to find where to update your TVs firmware.

How do I Find Channels on my LG TV?

Scanning for channels on your LG TV is pretty simple and if you needed a reminder, here are the steps to scan for new channels on your LG TV:

  1. Click on Home button on remote
  2. Go to Settings then All settings
  3. Click on Channels then Channels Tuning
  4. Select Auto Tuning, then Start
    Auto tuning LG TV

The process should start and should only take a few minutes to discover channels. Hopefully with the solutions above, you were able to find more channels and retain them.

How do I manually Scan for Channels on my LG TV?

To retune or scan for channels on your LG TV, follow the same steps as above except you select Manual Scan.

  1. Click on Home button on remote
  2. Go to Settings then All settings
  3. Click on Channels then Channels Tuning
    Channels then channel tuning
  4. Select Manual Tuning
    Manual tuning
  5. Pick the channel number then Start

Hopefully you were able to manually find the channels you wanted and scanned them successfully.

Common Questions

Why did my LG TV lose channels or disappear?

Your LG TV keeps losing channels or disappearing because your TVs antennas signal is weak. When your TV detects weak signals, it removes it from your TV channel list.

Why did my LG TV Lose channels or HD channels when turned off?

When your LG TV turns off, it will automatically delete any saved channels that have weak or no signal. Improve your TV antenna signal to keep your channels.

Why do I have to retune my LG TV everyday?

You will have to keep retuning and manually adding your channels back until you improve your LG TV antenna to have stronger signal.

Why did my LG TV lose my Freeview channels?

You will lose your Freeview channels on your LG TV due to low signal to your Antenna and TV. Your LG TV is programmed to delete them automatically until it can have a constant strong signal.

Why is my LG Smart TV not picking up channels?

You may need to improve your signal by getting a signal booster, new antenna, antenna amplifier, or repositioning your antenna.

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