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Why Do I Have to Keep Retuning My LG Smart TV?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
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LG smart TVs function in a way where they must be retuned often to ensure they are running properly and receive up-to-date channels. But, why does this need to be conducted so often, and is there any way to avoid doing this so frequently?

LG smart TVs need to be retuned semi-frequently to achieve a better antenna signal, stronger connection, and find new channels and programs. Though it may be tedious, it improves the TV’s overall performance and offers better features.

So why is retuning a necessity, and why don’t these TV’s just retune themselves? These are questions that will most likely be resolved in future TV generations, but for now, retuning is something that must be done due to poor Wi-Fi connection and general device updates. This article will break down the fundamental reasons for retuning, as well as why you might have to retune constantly and some other problems you may be experiencing.

Why Do I Need to Retune My LG Smart TV?

Many people in their LG smart TV lifetime will encounter a loss in available channels and/or poor connectivity. This is extremely common, as the LG antenna constantly tries to use your Wi-Fi network to get the latest updates, channels, and features. However, it may come with a surprise that at certain times some channels may be unreachable by your Wi-Fi, and therefore are lost.

Because of this, when you experience channel loss, this is essentially your TV needing a stronger connection, which can cause you to need to retune. As your Wi-Fi connection becomes less or more stable, your TV performance should improve, requiring you to need to retune less often.

Addressing Wi-Fi to Avoid Frequent Retuning

In this day and age, we all depend on Wi-Fi as a constant connection to the internet, social media, and many forms of connecting with others. However, the potential downside comes when your Wi-Fi is trying to load so many things and somehow loses connectivity strength. So how can you improve your Wi-Fi network?

The only really viable option to improve your Wi-Fi connection is to move your router to a place closer to the TV or move the TV closer to the router. This will most likely improve your signal, causing you to need to retune less often, and hopefully, alleviate the problem

Ultimately, Wi-Fi and the LG smart TV go hand in hand, so if your Wi-Fi connection is mediocre, you’ll most likely have to consistently retune your TV, as often as once per usage. If you need instructions as to how to retune, this link will guide you.

Retuning LG Smart TVs Right Way

LG offers two methods of retuning: manual and automatic. For automatic retuning, many people have experienced getting new channels that don’t work or losing channels that they frequently tune in to. So, which method is better, and why so?

LG smart TV users automatically have their TVs retuned, regardless of their preference for this action. Automatic retuning means that TV channels are usually added at random, and things are changed without notification. Also, these random channels can be randomized in number, meaning that with auto retuning, you may have to search for your preferred channels once again.

Switching from automatic to manual retuning is a must-do to alleviate the pain that auto-retuning can cause. By doing it yourself, you can control when you retune and ensure certain features you like are there and functioning. This link will guide you in the manual retuning process.


It is evident that retuning is needed to keep everything intact and give customers the best comprehensive and pleasurable viewing experience. However, retuning every time takes away a few minutes of potential TV watching and can be tedious. To prevent this, checking your Wi-Fi router and adjusting its position to make it closer to your LG smart TV is the best method to improve things.

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