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Which Samsung TVs Have Miracast?

Last Updated Sep 30, 2021
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When you buy a new TV, you want to make sure you can use all of the features you love on your new device. It is so frustrating when you buy a new TV only to find that you can’t watch the content you love most! So, before you pick out your new TV, you have to do your homework on the brand you’ve chosen to add to your home. 

Some models that have Miracast are:

  1. LED D7000 
  2. PDP D8000 
  3. LED ES7500
  4. PDP E8000
  5. LED F4500 (Excludes F900)
  6. PDP F5500 
  7. H4500 
  8. H5500 (Excludes H6003, H6103, H6153, H6201, H6203)
  9. J4500
  10. J5500  (Excludes J6203)
  11. K4300, 
  12. K5300

In this article, we will be answering the question of which Samsung TVs have Miracast, in addition to providing additional ways to find out if your Samsung TV has Miracast built-in if you aren’t sure of your TV’s model. Let’s get going! 

Most New Models Have Miracast

Many smart TVs are manufactured with screencasting built-in using Miracast. This is an excellent way to view and stream content from your device to your TV, but not all TVs have this option. 

Samsung TVs have been manufactured with Miracast, referred to as Smart View, since 2011. If your TV was manufactured after this, it definitely has Miracast. 

Okay, so we know which models have Screen Share built-in, but what if we aren’t sure which model of Samsung TV we have, or we have a Samsung TV manufactured before 2011? Let’s explore how to quickly check your Samsung TV for Miracast if your TV model isn’t listed above. 

Check The Wifi Alliance

While we have provided a detailed list of the Samsung TVs that have Miracast built-in, this list only applies to Samsung TV”s manufactured after 2011. Before that, some Samsung models were manufactured with Miracast built-in. If you have a Samsung TV before 2011, features like screen sharing aren’t consistent in some models.

If your TV is a model that was manufactured before 2011, you can use the Wifi Alliance website to look for your Samsung TV and find out whether or not it has Miracast built-in. The Wifi Alliance keeps track of the product specs of most devices that use wifi to operate. In addition, you can use the Wifi Alliance website to check your device’s built-in programs and apps. 

Check Your TV Settings Menu

Now that we know how to find out if we have a TV that has Miracast, we need to know what to look for to make sure we have it on our specific TV, as well as what to look for to find Miracast, as it can be listed under a few different names. 

Another way to check for Miracast built-in on your device is to use the TV settings menu. There are two ways to check for Miracast on your TV, listed below:  

  1. Open the Settings Menu 
  2. Select the  Apps Menu. 
  3. Look for Miracast, Screencasting, or Wifi Casting. 
  4. Select the option that applies, then follow the instructions given on your device to cast to your TV

If you cannot find the options provided under the Apps Menu, you will need to check your Settings Menu under Input or Source. Miracast is listed under Miracast, Screencasting, or Wifi Casting here as well. 

Options If You Can’t Find Miracast 

If you’ve tried the above options and can’t seem to find Miracast, it may be hiding in plain sight under a different name. Some Samsung TVs use a dedicated screen sharing program called Smart Share to cast content from your device to your TV. This program is, essentially, Miracast and works in the same way, but you may have missed it during an initial check because it’s under a different name. 

 To check to see if you can use Screen Sharing on your Samsung TV, follow the troubleshooting  steps outlined below: 

  1. Using your TV remote, select Source 
  2. Select Screen Mirroring
  3. Follow the instructions on your device to finish the screen mirroring process

If this method is not effective, you can try the second method we’ve outlined below: 

  1. Using your TV remote, select Settings 
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select Screen Mirroring
  4. Follow the instructions on your device to finish the screen mirroring process. 

Please note that if your Samsung TV was manufactured before 2013, you will need to use screen sharing via an Allshare App or using an HDMI cable. After 2013, you will be able to use wifi to connect. 


When it comes to the smart devices in your home, it is important to consider how each device will work together to make your life easier, and this is no less true when it comes to your home entertainment systems. In this article, we’ve provided a list of the Samsung TVs that have Miracast built-in, as well as a few handy ways to find Miracast on the TV itself.

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