WhatsApp Do Not Disturb- How To Allow Calls Through?

WhatsApp Do Not Disturb- How To Allow Calls Through?WhatsApp Do Not Disturb- How To Allow Calls Through?

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It is convenient to talk to friends and family using the WhatsApp messaging platform without using SMS. But how do you allow calls through if your phone is set to Do Not Disturb Mode?

The answer depends on what smartphone you own. Below, we outline how to allow calls through WhatsApp when iOS and Android devices are in DND mode.

How to Allow Calls Through WhatsApp Do Not Disturb

The DND feature in WhatsApp allows only the calls you want to receive and is separate from the phone’s Do Not Disturb feature.

Android and iOS users must adjust their Do Not Disturb settings according to their phone type, as the instructions differ for each.

Do Not Disturb is extremely customizable, thanks to Android and iOS developers. 

Keep reading below to learn how to customize it so you can still get WhatsApp calls in DND mode.

How to Allow Calls Through WhatsApp Do Not Disturb: Android

If you want to allow WhatsApp to ring through when it is in Do Not Disturb mode, you will need to get a little creative with its setup for iOS and Android phones.

If you are an Android user, you should follow these steps:

  1. Long press WhatsApp
  2. Select (i) when it appears
  3. Select notifications
  4. Select call notifications
  5. Set it to ‘Alerting’ and then select Advanced
  6. Turn on Override Do Not Disturb
  7. Select sound and then the + button, and select a ringtone

This will allow WhatsApp to ring through as a contact. It will have its designated ringtone, too, so you will always know it is the WhatsApp calling instead of the phone itself.

How to Allow Calls on WhatsApp in Do Not Disturb on Your iPhone

If you are an iOS user, then you can not use a ringtone as an option to assist WhatsApp in ringing through Do Not Disturb Mode

Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Do Not Disturb
  3. Go to the Allow Calls From submenu and select it
  4. Select the WhatsApp beta and toggle it on
  5. Turn off Repeated Calls
  6. Go to Silence and turn off the Always option

Once these settings are saved in the phone, they will continue to work until you decide to change them again. 

All WhatsApp calls will now work with Do Not Disturb Mode.

What Happens on WhatsApp Do Not Disturb

If you put on Do Not Disturb, you may feel bad because it may seem like your friends will think you are ignoring them WhatsApp has made a fix to avoid this.

When your phone is in DND mode, the latest beta will show your friends that the Do Not Disturb Mode is turned on. 

This will allow them to see that you are not ignoring them.

This is a convenient feature because most users do not know when DND is on if they use WhatsApp. 

It lets WhatsApp users know they have missed a call due to DND mode.

How to Mute Individual Chats and Groups

If you do not have a lot of groups or chats going in WhatsApp, it can be easier to mute them while you sleep or go into a meeting instead of using DND. Here’s how:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Find the group chat you want to silence by do not disturb
  3. Tap the group subject
  4. Select Mute
  5. Pick how long you want mute to stay enabled
  6. Finish by taping Mute Notifications

Now, as the group conversates, you can continue to focus on your job, schoolwork, or the movie you were watching with fewer interruptions and more peace and quiet.


WhatsApp is a great messaging app when speaking to friends and family worldwide. Although it cannot integrate seamlessly with DND, it works well.

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