What Size Screws Do I Need for a Sharp TV Wall Mount?

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Mounting your Sharp TV on the wall helps save space in a room and gives you the best viewing experience possible. 

You have your mounting bracket and are ready to start working on the setup, but what size screws do you need?

How to Find the Right Screw Size to Mount a Sharp TV

Before you can put your Sharp TV on the wall, you need to check the dimensions, get your mount ready, and find the correct screws. This last part is tricky, as different Sharp TVs will require different screws depending on their VESA pattern.

Minimum VESA PatternScrew SizeBest Mount
75×75M4VideoSecu TV Wall Mount
200×200M6Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount
400×400M8ELIVED Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Choosing the appropriate size screws ensures the safety of your Sharp TV and the people around it. 

How to Find Your Sharp TV’s VESA Pattern

You need to know your Sharp TV’s VESA pattern to ensure you get the right mounting bracket and screws to secure it. 

Your VESA pattern should be listed in your Sharp TV’s user manual. If you don’t have the user manual, try Googling your model number and checking an online listing.

If both are out of the question, you can also measure manually:

  1. Find the mounting holes on the back of the TV.
  2. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the top two mounting holes.
  3. Measure the vertical distance between two side mounting holes.

Convert the inches to millimeters, and you have your VESA pattern.

The video below is with an LG TV, but the measuring information is universal.

What Screw Length Do I Need for a Sharp TV Wall Mount?

Once you know the screw size you need, you need to find the length. While the screw should reach all the way inside the thread, it’s generally considered a good fit if the screw reaches a minimum of 5mm

To measure the length of the thread:

  1. Find a thin, long object like an unfolded paperclip
  2. Stick the object inside the screw hole and measure how much of it goes inside

The length in millimeters is the length of the thread. If you have a screw slightly longer than the hole, add washers as needed.

What Size Screws Do I Need to Secure the TV to the Wall?

Finding the right screws to secure the TV to your wall is trickier. It all depends on the specific mount you’re using. 

Usually, mounting kits will include the hardware you need to mount your Sharp TV on the wall — some even include the screws you need to connect the TV to the mount. 

But if your mounting kit doesn’t include hardware, use at least an M5 screw. Mounting brackets can usually accommodate up to M8 screws, but make sure they fit through the slot before you get too far.

  • 40” or smaller on a fixed bracket: 45mm in length.
  • 40” or smaller on an adjustable bracket: 70mm in length.
  • Over 40” on a fixed bracket: 70mm in length.
  • Over 40” on an adjustable bracket: 100mm in length.

Sharp TV Mounting: Tips for an Easy and Safe Setup

If you’re worried about buying the wrong screw size, a universal screw kit might be the best choice. These kits include screws ranging from M4 to M8 in various lengths to adapt to almost any setup.

Note: Screws cannot be directly secured to drywall or concrete walls. You will need to use a drywall sleeve to attach your TV to these types of walls. 

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