What Size Screws Do I Need for a Sharp TV Wall Mount?

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Mounting your Sharp TV on the wall is a great idea to save space in the room and get the best viewing experience. You’ve purchased your mounting bracket and are ready to start working on the setup, but you are unsure what size screws you need.

The size of your Sharp TV will determine the size of the screws you will need. M5 or M6 screws are the most common for screens under 40”, and M8 size is usually used for larger televisions. 

In this article, we will discuss how to measure the size of the screws you need and select them appropriately to hang your TV on the wall securely. Keep reading to ensure you don’t miss any steps!

How Do I Find the Right Screw Size to Mount My Sharp TV on the Wall?

You want to put your Sharp TV on the wall using a mounting bracket, but are unsure what size screws are best. Now, we’ll dive deeply into deciding which size is most appropriate. Below, we’ll discuss:

  • How to determine the size of the screw that goes into the TV
  • What size screws are needed to secure the TV to the wall
  • Extra tips for a safe and easy setup

Choosing the appropriate size screws for your particular setup is critical to ensure the safety of both the television and the people surrounding it. The TV and wall screws must meet certain criteria for a proper setup.

How to Determine the Size of the Screw That Goes into the TV

To determine the size of the screw that joins the bracket and TV, you will need to use a caliper or measuring tape to determine the thread’s diameter. Sharp builds their TVs using metric screws, and the size of the screw hole should be 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, or 8mm. The corresponding screws would be M4, M5, M6, and M8, respectively. 

Next, you will need to find an appropriate length for the screws. It is best if the screw reaches all the way inside the thread in the TV. However, it is usually considered a good fit if the screw goes into the thread a minimum of 5mm. To measure the length of the thread, use a thin, long object like an unfolded paperclip. Stick the object inside the screw hole and measure how much of it goes inside.

Do not forget to consider the mounting bracket and the washers or spacers you’ll use between the screw and the hold. If you have a screw slightly longer than the hole, add washers as needed.

What Size Screws Are Needed to Secure the TV to the Wall?

Finding the right screws to secure the TV to your wall is trickier. This time, the diameter of the screw is not necessarily fixed, and the length will depend on the size of the TV and the type of mounting bracket you’re using.

The diameter of the screw that holds the TV to the wall should match the diameter of the thread on the TV. However, we do not recommend using any length smaller than 5mm, or a screw smaller than an M5. It is fine to use larger screws as long as they fit through the slot on the bracket. TV mounting brackets usually allow screws up to 8mm in length, or M8 size, to slide through.

Now you can determine the right length for the screws. For a TV 40” or smaller mounted on a fixed bracket adjacent to the wall, 45mm will suffice. For anything above 40”, or smaller than 40”, but mounted on an extendable or articulated support, the screws should be at least 70mm long. If you are mounting a screen larger than 40” on an extendable or articulated mount, use screws that are at least 100mm long.

Tips for an Easy and Safe Setup

If you do not have a way to accurately measure the screw holes on the TV or simply want to ensure you do not buy the wrong size screws, universal screw kits might be the best choice. Such kits will provide you with screws ranging from M4 to M8 and various lengths to adapt to almost any TV and setup. 

Note that screws cannot be directly secured to drywall or concrete walls. You will need to use a drywall sleeve to attach your TV to these types of walls. First, drill an appropriately-sized hole into the wall, then insert the sleeve. Finally, you can screw the mounting bracket in. 

Wrapping Things Up

The appropriate screw size to mount your Sharp TV on the wall will depend on the size of the TV and the type of mounting bracket you’re using. Smaller TVs with short brackets can be secured to the wall using M5x45mm screws, whereas larger televisions held by articulated supports may need up to M8x100mm screws. It is also important to remember that screws will not securely hold your TV to concrete walls or drywall without the help of a drywall sleeve. 

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