What Size Screws Do I Need for a Sharp TV Stand?

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There is nothing quite like enjoying your favorite show on TV after a long day of work. But if your TV isn’t on the proper stand, it can be difficult to enjoy watching it. And in order to put your tv on a stand, you’re going to need some screws.

To affix a TV to a Sharp TV stand, you will need screws that are either size M5 or M6  in order to both avoid damaging your TV as well as ensure your TV is securely attached to the stand.

Have more questions about what screws you should be using with your TV? Keep reading to learn all about the screw sizes for your sharp TV stand.

What Size Screws Do I Need for a Sharp TV Stand?

Generally, when you buy a new TV, the proper screws for attaching the TV to its stand will be found in the box. However, sometimes if you buy a TV second-hand, or perhaps attach it to the wall, then later change your mind, the original screws to affix the TV to the stand may be lost.

For some weird reason, many TV makers keep the size of screws you need to affix a TV to their stand a secret. This could be because they prefer you have to call (and pay them) for assistance. Therefore when it comes to picking screw sizes for your Sharp TV stand, it will be a bit of a guess and check event.

Most Sharp TV stands require screws that are either M5 or M6 in size, depending on your model number and the year your TV was produced. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly which size screw your TV will need. For best results, you will need to purchase both and try one than the other.

Try the screws by seeing if they fit into the stand first. If they do not fit into the stand, then do not try to use them and try the other size. You can also take your stand to the hardware store and ask them if you can see which size fits while you are there.

How Many Screws are in a Sharp TV Stand?

It can be critical to know how many screws you will need to affix your TV to your TV stand. Otherwise, you may not buy enough and be stuck with a TV that is half affixed to a stand.

If you have the stand on hand, it is easy to take a look and see how many holes there are for screws. But, as a rule of thumb, most TV stands take 4 screws, so you should plan to buy at least that many.

How to Affix a Sharp TV to the Stand

Do you have your screws, and you are ready to affix your TV to the stand? Follow these easy steps to get the job done.

  • Lay the TV screen side down on a cloth-covered table.
  • Locate the side of the stand that says front.
  • With the word front facing down, side the base into the bottom opening on TV.
  • When the stand is in place, but all 4 screws in the available holes.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. DO NOT use a drill.
  • Then, lift the TV gently into an upright position.

And just like that, your TV stand is now attached to your TV! It can be helpful to double-check as you are setting the TV in place so that the stand is securely attached.

If you find that the TV is not securely attached, but the screws are all the way tight, this could indicate there is a problem with the stand or the TV. Contact support for help, and do not use either part until you have discerned what the problem may be.

What Size Screws Do You Need to Mount a TV?

One alternative to using a Sharp TV stand is to mount your TV directly to the wall. If you choose this option, you will need a completely different screw size than what is mentioned above.

For affixing your TV to the wall, you will want a screw with a length between 8mm and 10mm. This will ensure your TV is rooted deeply enough into the wall that it will not fall out and hurt someone.

It is important to note that you oftentimes cannot just attach a TV to drywall—as it can easily pull out of the wall and fall on someone. Instead, you will need to use drywall screws or ensure you are screwing into the beams of your wall and not just the drywall.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to put your TV on a stand or mount it on the wall, you now know all about the screw sizes you need to accomplish your goal. Because it isn’t always clear which size screws you may need for your exact model, don’t be afraid to try both sizes to get your perfect fit. Then before you know it, you can go back to enjoying your after-work TV time!

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