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What Does the Blinking Green Light on Nest Thermostat Mean?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
Green lights

Smart thermostats provide many benefits to the consumer, and one of the popular thermostats of choice is the Nest thermostat. Nest thermostats are easy to install, electronic, Wi-Fi enabled, self-programmable thermostats that assist you in taking complete control of your indoor temperature needs from the palm of your hand. Using a Nest thermostat in a home will conserve energy and lower power cost due to optimizing heating and cooling efficiency.

The blinking green light on a Nest thermostat indicates the software is updating. If you notice your Nest thermostat blinking green, simply allow it to finish updating. However, if it seems to last a long time or appears frozen, it may be time to restart your thermostat.

Like any new electronic device, Nest thermostats will have a learning curve; that includes the flashing lights and understanding their meanings. This article will cover everything there is to know about when a Nest thermostat blinks green and what you can do to help resolve the strobing light. Hopefully, by the end, you will feel more confident in the meaning of a green flashing light on your Nest device, which in turn will make when it does occur less of a nuisance.

Nest Thermostat Blinking Green Light

Like most other smart devices, Nest thermostats receive periodic updates. The Nest thermostat regularly receives software updates from Google because they want to ensure your device is in the best working condition possible. A blinking green light on your Nest device is related to these Google software updates. If you are seeing a green light, it is a good thing; it means your Nest is restarting, starting up, updating software, or installing an update.

Typically, a blinking green light on a Nest thermostat due to updates should last no longer than a few minutes. If the light does last significantly longer, seems to be a constant green light, or flashes simultaneously with another color, it could indicate a minor problem but nothing that cannot be fixed.

Nest Thermostat Steady Green Light

If you feel your Nest device has been blinking green for an excessively long period, or if your Nest is stuck on a steady green light, it may be time to try some troubleshooting steps. Continuous green lights indicate your Nest thermostat may be frozen. Frozen software happens with all types of electronic devices from time to time during updates; do not fret; there are solutions to unfreeze the Nest.

Check Installation

Assuming your device has been working fine before this point, this step may be uneventful in solving the issue at hand. However, it is still worth troubleshooting because from time to time, unknowingly, we can bump into the thermostat, causing it to shift out of place or loosen from the pins.

To ensure your Nest device is adequately secured, remove the display from the base completely. After you have the screen removed, reattach it to the base. When attaching, ensure you line up the pins and listen for a clicking sound to indicate the proper placement.


Assuming resecuring the device did not fix the steady green light, it is time to move on to restarting your Nest device. To restart a Nest thermostat, press down on the display for 10 seconds, then release pressure. If done correctly, your thermostat should begin restarting. After your device has rebooted, the green light should be gone.

Nest Thermostat Blinking Green and Yellow Light Combination

It is not uncommon to also see blinking green and yellow lights on a Nest thermostat. The combination of colors is still no need to worry about and is a relatively simple fix. When a Nest blinks yellow and green lights, it usually means the device needs to be charged or has a minor maintenance issue.

Follow these steps to resolve the combination of blinking green and yellow lights:

  • Remove the Nest display from the attached base.
  • Locate the Nest charging cable.
  • Charge your Nest device for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • After charging, replace the Nest device on the base, listen for the click to ensure proper placement.
  • Launch the Google Nest App on your mobile device, check the power reading for the Nest thermostat to verify it is reading 100%.

Wrapping Up

As you may have noticed, most Nest troubleshooting steps that correspond with green blinking lights include removing the display from the base, charging the Nest, replacing the face, and finally restarting the device. When in doubt, it is always recommended to begin with those few simple steps to problem-solve before venturing into anything more technical.

Nest devices are designed to be helpful and simplify your life. With any technology, minor hiccups are expected to occur, but it should typically be relatively simple for the average consumer.