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Does the Nest Thermostat Work without Internet?

Last Updated Aug 25, 2022
Nest thermostat with equipment detection screen.

Smart devices are making it easier than ever for homeowners to control the efficiency of their home, and Nest thermostats are no different. The Nest thermostat uses your home’s internet and powerful sensors to provide users with advanced smart heating and cooling control features. But do these features go away in the event Nest is disconnected?

The Nest thermostat can work without an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Users may be limited in their access to its smart and remote features but will still be able to control their home temperature like a traditional thermostat by toggling the small screen on their Nest thermostat.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what happens to your Nest when it is disconnected from Wi-Fi or the internet, as well as what you can do to get things back online.

What Happens to Nest When the Internet Goes Out?

While it’s recommended that you connect your Nest thermostat to a Wi-Fi internet connection to take advantage of its unique features, Nest can still function in the absence of one.

Without a Wi-Fi internet connection, your Nest Thermostat will only function as a traditional thermostat. You can still manually control your HVAC systems using the interface on your thermostat.

Most Nest thermostats will work with your existing settings and schedules you implement even without an internet connection. However, using your Nest thermostat without the internet does mean that you will not be able to access its remote control feature or use its Nest algorithm that helps you save energy.

You’ll also no longer have access to security updates or live updates and will not be able to connect Nest with the mobile app.

What Features Are Still Available without Internet?

As previously mentioned, once your internet goes out, your Nest Thermostat will continue to function as a traditional thermostat, but it may not be as efficient as it would be with an internet connection.

Below are some of the Nest features that can still be available without internet:


If your Nest thermostat is without internet, you will still be able to schedule your home’s temperatures. While you will be unable to do this remotely or through the Nest mobile app, you should be able to set it via the dial-in interface of your thermostat.

Check History

You will still be able to access your thermostat history, which allows you to view your home cooling and heating patterns over the last three months. This makes it easy for you to evaluate why your energy bill is high and which temperature setting works best in saving you money on energy.

Nest Eco

Even without Wi-Fi, you will still be able to access the Nest Leaf feature on your thermostat. The Nest thermostat displays a green or yellow leaf when you choose an energy-efficient temperature for your home; this teaches you to learn how to create energy-saving strategies for the long run.

However, note that with the Nest Leaf feature, it has more accurate reports when connected to internet.

Nest Temperature Sensor

You can use your Nest temperature sensor even without a readily available Wi-Fi connection. A Nest temperature sensor enables your Nest thermostat to program different temperature profiles for each of your rooms at different times of the day.

How to Reconnect Nest to Internet

There are several reasons why your Nest may no longer be connected to the internet besides power outages. Before resetting your internet connection, try troubleshooting with these tips:

  • Check the Nest service status to see if it is active or down. If the Nest service is down, your thermostat will be offline until the service resumes. Most of the time, you will see the message “The Nest service is unavailable at this time” in the Nest mobile app.
  • Review the battery level of your thermostat to confirm its status. Most recent models of the Nest thermostat will automatically disconnect from your home Wi-Fi once the battery is low.
  • Confirm that your Wi-Fi internet connection is active and working, and working at the appropriate speeds to support the device. You can try connecting to another smart device in your home using your Wi-Fi network and not cellular data.
  • You can also try restarting your router. Restarting your Wi-Fi router connection will help you reset your internet connection. You can restart your router by disconnecting your modem and reconnecting it after 30 seconds.

Reconnecting your Nest thermostat is easy. If your Nest becomes disconnected from your Wi-Fi for any reason, try the following steps to reconnect it:

  1. If you want to reconnect your Nest to the internet, you will need to do it in-person; this means that you will need to access the Nest thermostat physically. You won’t be able to reconnect it remotely (via the Nest mobile app).
  2. You will need to restart your Nest thermostat to refresh your Nest wireless connection. To restart your Nest thermostat, Press the thermostat ring to bring up the Quick View menu > Settings > Reset > Restart > Turn the ring until you can select Ok.
  3. Finally, reconnect your thermostat to your home Wi-Fi. To reconnect your thermostat to an internet connection, go to Settings > scroll down to Network > select your Wi-Fi network name > input your dedicated password.
  4. Your Nest thermostat should now be reconnected to your Wi-Fi and ready to be controlled via the Nest mobile app.

Reconnecting your Nest thermostat to your Wi-Fi or internet system is as simple as that. For more detailed information on reconnecting your Nest thermostat, consult your Nest manual or reach out to the Nest customer support team for further assistance.


Without internet, the Nest thermostat loses most of its smart features and continues to function like a standard thermostat. So, in the event you have a power outage or dropped internet signal, there’s no need to worry; you can still control the basic functions of your Nest. However, when possible, follow the above steps to reconnect your device to regain access to all the features the device has to offer.

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