The 21 Best Tech Gifts for Mom in 2023

Alexa device on shelfAlexa device on shelf

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Mother’s Day is almost here, and every mom or mom-to-be should be celebrated accordingly. 

Whether your mom is a smart home enthusiast or you’re looking to bring her up-to-date with the world of smart technology, here are 21 smart home gifts for mom to consider.

Best Tech Gifts for the Mother-To-Be

Pregnancy brings a lot of magical, yet often uncomfortable, sensations in the body. The further along mothers-to-be get, the more difficult once-easy tasks become.

There are many different tech gifts that are perfect for the mom-to-be in your life, focused on making her pregnancy more comfortable and fun.

1. A Wireless Charging Station or Charging Mat

A great smart home device for the mom-to-be in your life is a wireless charging station or charging mat. This will ensure mom isn’t searching all over for charging cords.  

While these devices save some time and energy spent looking for a charging cable, the battery life replenishes much slower than wired chargers.

2. A Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis, or Scribe

Kindle Paperwhite next to mom picture frame

Pregnancy and sleepless nights go hand-in-hand, especially in the third trimester. For this difficult prenatal stage, we recommend a Kindle. 

The best Kindle versions out right now are the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis. Brownie points if you sign her up for a Kindle Unlimited or Audible subscription, too!

If you want to help a mom-to-be with that brain fog that comes along with pregnancy, you might also want to consider a Kindle Scribe — which allows users to jot down notes

3. Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Hot and cold flashes come with the pregnancy territory. But, that doesn’t mean the mom in your life can’t stay a bit more comfortable while navigating them.

Expecting moms can adjust the Amazon Smart Thermostat using the Alexa app. No need to get up and change the temperature — she can do it all from her phone.

Best Tech Gifts for the New Mom

Being a new mom comes with its fair share of learning curves. Even if mom already has kids, it goes without saying each addition changes the family dynamic. 

Many tech gifts can help put mom’s mind at ease as she’s navigating having a new little munchkin to care for while slowly getting back to her normal routine. 

4. Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is the perfect gift for new moms who don’t want to take their eyes off the baby. It’s easy to set up and use, allowing you to see and interact with anyone at the front door right from the Ring app.

Instead of risking waking the baby up to pick up a package at the front door, mom can use the built-in speaker to ask the delivery person to leave it on the porch.

The Ring Doorbell even has a night vision feature for more accurate monitoring after dark, increasing safety and peace of mind.  

5. A White Noise Machine with a Built-In Night Light

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine

White noise machines do wonders for those sleepless nights. Not only can they help mom after a long day, but they can even help babies fall asleep.

The Momcozy white noise machine features a customizable night light, meaning new moms never have to search in the dark for a lamp switch during night feedings. Just choose a color on the app and you’re good to go!

The Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine is another great choice. This one lets you set a bedtime and wake-up time routine to help the little one fall asleep and rise in the morning a little easier.

6. An Apple Watch or Fitbit

Fitbit Sense

Apart from taking care of the new baby, the number one thing on most new moms’ minds is shedding those extra pregnancy pounds. 

Smart watches like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are great gift ideas for new moms who are trying to get active again. And if she already has a smart watch, a new band could be just the accessory she’s looking for. 

Smart watches are helpful for tracking your heart rate during a jog through the park and help the wearer answer texts, calls, and emails without looking around the house for their phone. There are even some smart home devices you can control with them.

7. Willow Breast Pump

The Willow Breast Pump is a great gift idea for any new mom who wants to breastfeed while staying active.

These pumps provide women with efficient, smart, and hands-free pumping. You can control it through an app on your phone or your Apple Watch!

8. Peloton or Peloton Subscription

Peloton bike

Many moms would love a Peloton, especially if they’re trying to get back into shape after pregnancy without leaving the house. Some of the things these smart workout machines let you do include:

  • Participate in live classes through a touch screen
  • Connect with other moms on the Peloton Leaderboard
  • Play your favorite tunes while working out 
  • Track performance and overall fitness progress

And, if the mom in your life has been using her Peloton without a monthly subscription, why not sign her up for one? The monthly cost is super affordable.

9. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue smart light bulbs are compatible with Alexa, making them a great choice for moms who need to turn off the lights while their babies are sleeping in their arms. Just give Alexa a voice command, and the lights will go out!

There are many smart lighting brands out there, but Philips Hue is our favorite. Not only are they easy to control, but they can actually help save money on your energy bill.

You can even add a motion sensor to make it easier to turn the lights on or off with a baby in your arms. 

Best Tech Gifts for the Hardworking Mom

From making meals and keeping the home tidy to working full-time, a mom’s work is never done. 

All moms work hard, but these gifts are perfect for those who constantly find themselves struggling to find a free moment in their schedule.

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether she prefers earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, noise-canceling headphones are a great tech gift idea for any mom who loves listening to music or needs to drown out noise from the TV while working in her home office.

Beats Studio Buds include easy-to-activate active noise cancellation, and the AirPods Max can be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled device you can think of. 

11. Echo Show and Echo Dot 

Amazon Echo Dot

Everyone has heard of the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot, smart home gadgets that let you write grocery lists or make video calls without stopping what you’re already doing. 

Even if the mom in your life already has one of these devices, purchasing another for a different room of the house can ensure she doesn’t need to holler to be heard.

For moms that have never had an Alexa device before, set the device up and hook it up to the internet beforehand so she doesn’t have to worry about it.  

12. iRobot Braava

Cleaning up after the kids, pets, and everyone else in the home takes longer than you’d imagine. If you know a mom who struggles to keep her house clean, why not automate it with the iRobot Braava?

We all know that the iRobot is an automated vacuum. But, the iRobot Braava isn’t just a vacuum- it’s also a mop! Getting it to mop is simple:

  1. Charge the vacuum completely.
  2. Fill it up with some floor-cleaning solution.
  3. Insert your preferred cleaning pad. 
  4. Press “Clean.” 
  5. Press “Clean” again.  

You might even earn some extra points for getting the iRobot Braava all set up for her and ready to use. This smart vacuum/mop will ensure mom has one less thing to do on her to-do list.  

13. Smart Mugs

All moms know the struggle of making a cup of coffee, getting distracted by work or the kids, and having to reheat the cup over and over again.

No one wants to pick up their mug and taste ice cold coffee. Instead, consider investing in a smart mug for the special mom in your life. 

These mugs are designed to keep the beverages inside them the same temperature for long periods of time, meaning no running back and forth to the kitchen all morning.

14. AirTags and Tile Mates

I remember my mom scrambling around the house before school, searching everywhere for her keys. If you’ve noticed the same, consider getting her a couple of AirTags or Tile Mates.

These tiny tags can be placed on almost anything, including phones and keys. Whenever mom can’t find something, she can just open an app on her phone and follow the sound to locate it

15. A Furbo or Automatic Pet Feeder

Juggling a dog or cat, along with a couple of kids, seems nearly impossible at times. Wouldn’t it be nice if mom never had to rush home after picking the kids up from school or leave a soccer game early to check on the dog?

Things like Furbos and automatic pet feeders eliminate this worry. The Furbo is a camera and treat-throwing device that lets you speak to your dog through your phone, easing the separation anxiety some dogs feel when their owners are gone.

Automatic pet feeders are great for those crazy mornings and busy nights. Forget to feed the dog before leaving to take the kids to school? After-school basketball game running long? No worries! 

Just tap a button on your phone and dispense kibble right into the dog’s bowl.

16. Audible Subscription

We touched on this a bit already, but it’s worth repeating — an Audible subscription is the perfect gift idea for a busy mom who just doesn’t have enough time to sit down and read her favorite books. 

You can really make this Mother’s Day gift special by investing in a pair of wireless earbuds, allowing her to listen to books and podcasts without blasting it over the sound of playing kiddos.

Best Tech Gifts for Moms Who Need Self Care and Pampering

Every mom deserves to be pampered, especially on Mother’s Day! If the mom in your life wants nothing more than a little extra time for herself, why not automate it as much as possible?

17. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Every mom has considered buying the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer at least once in her life. But, with such a hefty price tag, most just can’t justify the splurge.

This smart hair dryer measures the temperature to prevent damage and keep your hair shiny, and it dries hair much quicker than any other dryer on the market.

18. Microderm Facial Steamer

Any mom knows that a regular skincare routine is an essential part of self care. The Microderm facial steamer will make it so mom doesn’t even have to leave the house to get a great facial!

These nifty steamers help tighten the skin and increase blood flow, prepping the skin for the deepest at-home exfoliation possible. 

19. Foreo Bundle

Foreo bundle

Know a mom who loves doing face masks after a long day? The FOREO bundle comes with everything mom needs to feel radiant: 

  • Serum
  • Microcurrent contour device
  • Three green tea sheet masks

FOREO is one of the top names in smart skin care, lifting and contouring different areas of the face to give it more elasticity and vibrance.

20. Digital Picture Frames

It might sound basic, but no smart home is complete without a digital picture frame. You can pre-load it with your favorite family photos, or leave it up to mom which photos to display in the living room.

The best part? There’s no need to change out photos periodically! Just load it up with a new set after the family photoshoot each year. 

21. Indoor Wi-Fi Garden

Indoor Wi-Fi gardens are a perfect gift for any mom who enjoys gardening or culinary herb-growing, allowing her to keep her indoor plants watered and sufficiently lit at all times.

Just place her favorite seeds into small soil pods and watch them germinate and root. These indoor gardens even come with covers to increase humidity!

She can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more year-round without worrying about transplanting the plant into bigger containers or getting the proper lighting. 

Bonus Gift: A Tech Supportal Membership

There is one thing that steers people away from smart home gifts for their mother, especially if she’s older — the fear that they’ll have to be her personal tech support agent!

Bring your mother into the 21st century without spending hours helping her troubleshoot her new device by signing her up for a Tech Supportal membership. Our agents are available via phone or chat 24/7 and can help solve any problem with any device you have.

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