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What Is the Peloton Leaderboard?

Last Updated Feb 13, 2022

You own Peloton equipment (Bike, Treadmill, or Bike+) or are going to buy one for the at-home workout, but you have less knowledge about it. You are doing an exercise on the equipment or planning to check your workout performance on the Leaderboard, but you have less knowledge about it and want to know what the Peloton Leaderboard is?

The right side of the Peloton tablet showing names and numbers is the Leaderboard. The names are the people who are either on the ride live or have performed the workout. The Leaderboard is a data-packed screen containing a bulk of information about the user’s performance compared to others in the class and includes the user’s past performance.

You can check your current and previous performance on the Leaderboard on the Peloton tablet screen. You will see your profile and other names appearing with a number. To know more about what these names and numbers mean, keep reading the post.

What Do the Numbers On the Leaderboard Mean?

The number on the left side of the profile picture is the rank of the users on the Leaderboard. In the case of the live ride, this rank is among the total number of individuals participating in the live ride. In on-demand workouts, the position of users will be out of people who also perform the ride at that time. There are also other numbers and stats about user performance on the Leaderboard. 

While performing a workout on a Peloton bike, the Peloton Leaderboard shows your performance stats in the form of numbers and other data. This is what each point means according to Brygs:

  • Personal Record Information: The top line beginning with a star shows you the best effort during the class you are taking; for example, if you are taking a ride of 40 min the personal record for it is 510 KJ. On its right, you will see a number, e.g., 300, which is the pacing number, i.e., what is your pace for the workout in which you got your PR.
  • Status bar: The number (e.g., 25) on the right side of your profile avatar is your position on the ride. This number is either the overall position or position within the filtered group. Occasionally another number is shown below your position number in parenthesis, and that is your unfiltered position.
  • Profile picture or Avatar: The progress of your class appears with a white circle surrounding the avatar that moves in a clockwise direction. This white circle is a visual representation of your status in the class.
  • Leaderboard name: Next to the avatar on the right is your Leaderboard name and information below it. The information below is your location label from your peloton profile, your gender, and your age group. This information is just for identification purposes; they have nothing to do with the position or rank.
  • Total output: The significant number on the right of the profile name is your total output. This primary number determines your rank on the Leaderboard.

These were the basic and essential information about understanding the peloton Leaderboard. While exercising on a peloton bike or treadmill, you must get high performance. To make a good performance over the Leaderboard, you must understand a good peloton score?

What is a Good Peloton Score?

Generally, the excellent peloton output score for the average 45-minute class is between 150-220 watts. A good peloton score results from the intensity of work and energy an individual puts into his workouts. Higher numbers on the Leaderboard mean the body adapts more to demands (e.g., aerobic and anaerobic).

This number is affected by a few factors such as class type is taken, fitness level, current age, and also gender. Additionally, factors are lean body mass, daily recovery, and diet. Higher numbers on the Leaderboard also bring improvements to cycling your economy.

If you would like to learn more about Peloton, click here.

What Does the Cycling Economy Mean?

The cycling economy is your efficiency on the bike or treadmill. If you have a good cycling economy you can generate more watts and sustain higher intensity rides by using less energy and less oxygen. Improvement in the cycling economy represents the improvement of your stamina. 

If you are doing workouts with less effort and without fatigue, it means your cycling economy is increasing. You might also like to buy the Desk Tray for Peloton Bike


A Peloton Leaderboard is the central part of the Peloton tablet. It is a data-packed screen containing almost all the essential information about the user profile, efficiency, position in the live class, and past workout details. It is present on the right side of the Peloton Tablet screen consisting of names, numbers, and other data. 

Remember that your good performance will require a good Peloton Score of 150-220 for a typical 45 minutes class. Increasing this number shows the growing cycling economy. Growing a cycling economy means improving the stamina of an individual.