Why We Love The Ring Video Doorbell

A silver Ring Video DoorbellA silver Ring Video Doorbell

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Ring has been in the home security market for many years. It is one of the most trusted and loved brands in the video doorbell niche. 

Ring was introduced by Doorbot in 2013. It was a crowdfunded project that eventually made its way to Shark Tank. It was known as the “OG doorbell.”

The Ring Video Doorbell is great for safety, deliveries, and animal watching. These doorbells catch an array of motion events when they aren’t chiming to let you know motion is detected.

This doorbell adorns many homes to help them determine who is at their door before answering it. 

There are many amazing features packed into the Ring Video Doorbell. Keep reading to discover more about the Ring Video Doorbell, from unboxing to installation.

Unpackaging Your Ring Video Doorbell

A box that has the Ring Video Doorbell in it

When you get your Ring Video Doorbell in the mail or at home from the store, you’ll be excited to open up the packaging. 

Opening up any new tech device is exciting because you can dive deep into the components involved in installing and enjoying the new gadget.

When you open your Ring Video Doorbell, you should find the following:

  • The Ring Video Doorbell
  • Ring user’s manual
  • Mounting bracket
  • Orange charging cable
  • Wire for hardwire installation
  • Wall anchors
  • Drill bit
  • Screws 
  • Level
  • Dual end screwdriver

Remove the outer plastic packaging and pull it up on the tab. It will open like a book and provide you with all the tools listed above.

If you’ve purchased a used Ring Video Doorbell, we’ve also got steps to ensure that the owner is changed to you.

Installing the Ring Video Doorbell

Installing the Ring Video Doorbell is made extremely easy with the instruction guide and optional installation video Ring provides. 

If you are not one for reading the instructions or do not have time for a video, follow these quick and easy steps to set yourself up instead:

  1. Charge the Ring Video Doorbell battery
  2. Open the Ring app on your smartphone
  3. Tap add a device or the + button
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions in the app
  5. Shut off the power at the breaker
  6. Remove the existing doorbell
  7. Wire and install the Ring Video Doorbell
  8. Install security screws

Once the Ring Video Doorbell is installed, it is important to test it out. Walk up to it a few times and ensure it communicates with the Ring app. 

Go back and review the footage to ensure the angle is right. If it is too high, add the included wedge block behind the Ring Video Doorbell and try again.

If you notice that your Ring Video Doorbell has certain colors during or after installation, we’ve got a quick guide to help you learn what light colors and patterns mean.

Ring Video Doorbell Features: The Good and the Bad

The Ring Video Doorbell has a large following. Its simple user interface and high-quality video resolution make it one of the best video doorbells on the market.

That being said, there are also some disadvantages to the Ring Video Doorbell. Below we cover both in detail.

The Good

There are many positive features packed into the Ring Video Doorbell. Some make it easier to communicate with others when you are not home, and others make the system more secure.

Below are our favorite features:

  • Wide viewing angle
  • High-quality Video
  • Community safety app
  • Real-time two-way-talk
  • Wired or wireless install

Each of these features is listed due to their ease of use, quality, and performance. Below, we go into more detail about why each of these features is great.

Wide Viewing Angle

The Ring Video Doorbell has a wide viewing angle that allows homeowners to easily see the front of their home. 

The angle is a 160-degree angle, which is larger than most home security cameras. 

Built into this wide viewing angle is an advanced motion capture functionality. If the user sets up meaningful zones in the app, this motion detection will stick to them flawlessly.

This means you do not need to see squirrels, the rain, or the wind. It also means you can pick the areas you want notifications for when movement occurs for personalized experiences.

High-Quality Video

The Ring Video Doorbell comes equipped with 1080p HD video. This means you can see the faces of each person who approaches your home. 

If you zoom in and out, you can also clearly see the animals, license plates, and people walking around in front of your home.

The imaging is so good and so clear it has been used in numerous law enforcement cases to solve burglaries and vandalism. It also has a few ways to save videos too.

This high-quality video is one of the main selling points of the Ring Video Doorbell.

It Integrates With a Community Safety App

The Ring Video Doorbell offers a virtual neighborhood watch type of community safety app. It creates a neighborhood of local users that can report incidents or events to each other.

Using this service, you can share videos and images and collaboratively comment on each other’s media.

Ring’s goal is to help keep communities safe, no matter where they are. Using the assistance of neighbors and their media, a neighborhood covers more space to help catch crime on video.

Two-Way-Talk in Real Time

While many smart video doorbells can perform Two-Way talk, the Ring Video Doorbell takes it one step further.

Users with this function do not have a large delay in speaking back and forth.

Instead, the two-way talk responds almost in real-time. This means your visitor does not need to hang out on your porch for awkward intervals before getting the answer they need. 

Wired or Wireless Installation

Ring also makes it convenient when it comes to installation. Users can decide if they want to hardwire the unit to the home or use it through battery only.

This is convenient for those who are renting and want to bring the device with them. It is also convenient for older homes that may not be wired for a doorbell.

Wired and wireless installation options provide cost savings for the user and allow them the flexibility to get the best imaging they need with the device they bought.

You can also link all of your Ring cameras together, including the video doorbell, to have the ultimate security experience.

The Bad

While there is a large list of great qualities and features for the Ring Video Doorbell, there are a few downfalls too. After all, no technology is absolutely perfect. These downfalls are:

  • Unflattering design
  • Low-quality speaker

These two downfalls are not the worst-case scenario by any means. They are more aesthetically annoying than detrimental. We go into detail about why below.

Unflattering Design

The Ring Video Doorbell is not the most flattering device that has hit the market. It is blocky and much larger than a standard smart doorbell. 

This loud design can be a turn-off for some users as other doorbells have a more modern and sleek design.

The Ring Video Doorbell is so blocky because it needs to incorporate a battery within the device for users who prefer a wireless setup.

Without the battery, the Ring would not be able to boast a wired or wireless option to its users, which would cause it to lose its competitive edge.

Low-Quality Speaker

The Ring Video Doorbell also comes with a low-quality speaker. While this isn’t bad for the homeowner on the other end of the app, it can be annoying for the visitor. 

It can sometimes sound garbled or full of static when you use the two-way talk function on the camera. 

There is no great way to prevent this occurrence currently, but it is helpful if a user speaks clearly and slowly into the microphone to get a better result on the other end.

Using The Ring Home App

The Ring App is another great addition to the entire line of Ring products. Users can control any Ring device they have through this simple-to-use app.

The interface is simple and clean, so finding the items you are looking for is not hard. Every process or function has step-by-step instructions, so the user does not get lost.

Overall, the app is great.  Through its regular updates, it is always functioning and capable of performing many different customized tasks.

Is The Ring Video Doorbell Worth It?

The Ring Video Doorbell is worth the investment for any smart home enthusiast. This smart doorbell has set a high bar for competitors to compete with.

Its’ high-quality video and wide viewing angle make it feel like you are home looking out your window instead of looking at an app.

Its moderate pricing is also great, especially because of its high-caliber features. This product is a must for any smart home starter kit or apartment.

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