The Apple Air Tag is a small device that can fit on your key ring or wallet. Using the Find My app on iOS devices, you can see where the Air Tag is located and track it. The Air Tags also have many security features in place so you can be sure that you and your privacy are safe when using them. Since the Apple Air Tags have so many features, you might be wondering if there’s a monthly fee to use them.

Apple Air Tags do not have a monthly fee. With a one-time purchase of $29, you get full access to all of its features. However, you must have an iOS device with the Find My app installed.  

Below, we’ll cover what kinds of features are available with a purchase of the Apple Air Tag as well as other costs you may expect to pay from owning the device.

Do Apple Air Tags Require a Monthly Subscription?

Apple Air Tags are small items that can be used to find stolen or misplaced items. They are small enough to attach to keychains and luggage. Using the Find My App, you will be able to track all the Apple Air Tags you have.

Unlike other tags by other companies, Apple Air Tag does not have a monthly fee. It’s a one-time purchase, and the Find My App that you use along with it is also free to use on iOS devices.

Apple Air tags are sold for $29 or $99 for a pack of four. (If you want to attach the Apple Air Tags to several different devices, you might want to buy them in packs since it ends up being more cost-efficient in the long run.)

Are There Other Costs Associated with Apple Air Tags?

Once you’ve purchased the Apple Air Tag, there’s no monthly subscription required. However, you might need to spend more money on accessories, including:

Most of these objects can be bought at a pretty low cost, though, and are typically a one-time purchase. Since they have a small price to begin with, you could say that the Apple Air Tag is pretty economical.

But, keep in mind that the Apple Air Tag’s battery life is about a year. When it dies, you will need to buy a new CR2032 battery, which is an additional cost every year. Also, you will need an iOS device to use the Apple Air Tags. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad and want to use the Apple Air Tags, you will need to buy one first, which can certainly drive up the price if you’re not already an Apple user.

The good news is that other companies, such as Tile, have their version of Apple Air Tags that you can use instead that does not require a specific phone operating system. However, you may end up paying more to use the device.  

Tile: The Costly Alternative to Apple Air Tags

Another tag device that can be used to track locations is Tile. They have been around for much longer and are known as some of the simplest yet effective trackers on the market, but they’re a little more expensive and have a monthly fee.

Tile trackers sell for $29.99 if you want the thin model or $25 for the regular model. Unlike Apple Air Tag, the Tile sticks to surfaces and objects, so you don’t have to spend extra money buying an accessory to attach it to anything.  However, there are subscription plans ($2.99 for a month or $29.99 for a year) that you will need to pay for if you want to use the tracking features.  

Tile trackers are built into other devices like earphones and laptops, but in contrast, the Apple Air Tags operate on the existing Apple network and ranges. Since Apple is one of the largest networks in the world, there is almost always something your Air Tag can connect to for tracking, so it’s usually well worth the lower cost.


In short, Apple Air Tags do not have a monthly fee like other tag trackers such as Tile. This cost-effective product also allows you to track stolen or misplaced items using the Find My app, which is free as long as you have an iOS device. Buying the Air Tags in packages could also be more friendly to your wallet.