Does Apple Air Tag Need WIFI

Two boxes of Apple air tag and accessory on table.Two boxes of Apple air tag and accessory on table.

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Apple Air Tag is a product that just came out, and it’s causing quite the buzz. People wonder if the tag needs to be connected to WiFi or if it works with Bluetooth alone. If you just got the device, you probably have a million questions about how it works as well.

Apple Air Tag primarily uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone. Therefore, you don’t need an internet connection for the tag to work. However, because it uses the “Find My” app to locate your items, you’ll need to turn on your WiFi for the best experience.

Being a relatively new product on the market, most people have numerous questions about the Apple Air Tag and how it works. Luckily, we have all the information you need about the device to help you make an informed decision and get the most out of this device. So, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Does Apple Air Tag Need WIFI?

Apple Air Tags are a new iPhone-powered gadget that can be attached to anything to find it. They work by sensing where the phone is and then using Bluetooth technology to tell you where your stuff is. 

But does Apple Air Tag need WIFI? No. Apple Air Tags use Bluetooth to communicate with your phone, so you don’t need WIFI as long as the tags are within a range of about 100 meters. 

However, since Apple Air Tags use the “Find My” app to find your phone, you need internet access. The app allows you to locate your phone and then use the tags to find any other items you attach them to.

How Does Apple Air Tag Work?

To understand what you need to operate your Apple Air Tag, you must know what it does and how it works. As we’ve mentioned, the device attaches to your belongings and uses Bluetooth to communicate with the app on your phone.

The tags can be used by themselves or in pairs, but they must all have been programmed using the same Apple ID before use. The more items you attach them to, the greater number of things that will show up when you try to find a specific item from your Find My app. 

So, how exactly does this work?

Air Tags are small, circular, metal discs. Before you can use them, though, they must be paired with your phone. This is done via Bluetooth and takes just a few moments to complete.

Once this has been set up, the tag’s location will appear on the “Find My” app whenever location data is enabled. Each tag transmits a unique identifier, and these identifiers are used to identify the location of each tag in relation to other tags.

This means that if you have two Air Tags attached to a bag or jacket pocket and another one on a belt loop (or whatever), it will show up as three separate items when trying to find your phone. 

The tag owner can then log onto the “Find My” app and select the item they’re looking for, and if it’s within Bluetooth range of their phone (within about 100 meters), the app will pinpoint its location on a map.

However, the tags themselves do not have a positional locational capability. This means that the tags don’t contain GPS technology. Instead, they merely ping the nearest Bluetooth-enabled devices and use the device’s location data to say, “I’m here!”

The tags also have a new technology known as Ultra-Wideband. This new feature is only supported by the latest iPhones like iPhone 11 and 12. It allows for much more precise location tracking.

The primary concern most people have when using these tags is privacy. You see, with the tags being “always on” and broadcasting, it’s possible that someone could grab your tag data without your knowledge. Furthermore, everyone who has their Bluetooth turn on will be able to see your location data, and they can tell where your items are. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to use Apple Air Tags in busy settings, even though the tags are encrypted to protect your privacy.

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering whether or not Apple Air Tag needs Wi-Fi, the answer is no. The tags can still be tracked as long as your phone has Bluetooth and is within 100 meters of their location on a map in the app. However, because the tags rely on the “Find My” app to help you find your lost items, you’ll need to turn your WiFi for the best experience.

Without access to the app, the tags will only work to track your items without the map, which renders them pretty useless. Therefore, always ensure you have your Wi-Fi turned on to enjoy the full benefits of Apple Air Tag. This way, you’ll always find lost items with ease.

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