Can You Track a Car With Tile Mate?

Inside a car with phone open on a mountInside a car with phone open on a mount

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Did you know that there is a way to know where your vehicle is at all times? No more worrying about where you parked your car. You may have dabbled with the idea a time or two with renting your car to the public. Maybe you live in an area that makes you question the security of your vehicle. Now you can relax because we have a solution to your problem.

While you can technically track your car with a Tile Mate, it’s not recommended. Tile has a certain range of connection, and if your item is outside of that range, it won’t pick it up. However, there might be some instances where you are able to track your car with a Tile Mate.

In this article, you’ll learn how and when you can track your car with a Tile Mate. However, you’ll also learn why you can’t always track your car this way and what you can do instead.

When On The Go

Most lost items that are frequently lost won’t be miles away. For the most part, it’s lost in the couch. Forgotten in the bag of groceries or buried in the pile of laundry. Is it possible to track a car, even though Tile Mates are used to locate items close by?

Unfortunately, it’s not really feasible to track your car with a Tile Mate. If your reason for purchasing a tracker is for security if your car gets stolen, your Tile Mate won’t be of much help; if the thief is out of the range of the Bluetooth connection, it will stop tracking.

Why you Can’t Track a Car with Tile Mate

The reason that in short, the answer is no because most people who would want to track a car with a Tile Mate are looking for it because it is mobile or not within a reasonable range. If someone has driven off with it then it is too far to track. At this point, there is little to no way your Tile Mate could be helpful.

When it’s a Good Idea

On the other hand, you can use the tile mate to track a car if you are close enough.

According to The Tile App website, their Tile Mate has an impressive 200 ft range and a loud ring. It’s not the furthest range or loudest ring from their line, but still impressive. If you do put a Tile Mate in your car, you might be able to track it:

  • In parking lots
  • In parking garages
  • In the dark

Best Placement

The Tile Mate is relatively small, white, and square. It does not have a sticky or magnetic back so although it is waterproof it cannot stick to any of the exteriors of the vehicle such as the hood or undercarriage. It can be placed in the:

  • Armrest
  • Back seat pocket
  • Glove compartment

Other Options For Tracking

After reading this you may decide that maybe having a Tile Mate isn’t what you are looking for after all. Once the vehicle is out of range then the tile mate stops tracking. So if that is you, then you can look into some other options out there. Some products will cover a longer range and can be hidden. Here are some of the best options from the web.

9.95 monthly$19.95-$49.95 monthly$19.95 monthly

In short, many small GPS trackers can be a car tracker. It does not have to be labeled as a “car tracker” for you to be able to use it as one.

Stepping Back With GPS

In order for us to know if a car can be tracked with a Tile Mate, we have to understand how it works.  It all started with the GPS tracking system. Satellites have allowed us to do many things from listening to music worldwide to directing us in traffic. GPS is a Global Positioning System that allows the transmission of radio waves and location. Signals are broadcast in space back to earth like a ping pong telling us what is seen or heard. 

Using Tile Mate Effectively

How many times have you lost your keys? You have lost your purse again. The Tile Mate is there to make sure you don’t waste countless minutes looking for things you often use.

It can help you find other commonly lost items as well not just limited to keys and purses. It is used via Bluetooth linking it to your phone. Just open the app and watch as it shows you where your item is. Tracking your car would be no different or would it? After all, keys don’t drive off, but a car does.


If you need to track your moving car with a Tile Mate then sadly this product isn’t a good fit. On the contrary, if you are the one that is moving and your car is not then this would be something that you can use. Just stick the small tile in any space within your car and forget about it. You don’t have to ever worry again about where you parked your car.

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