Blink cameras are linked together through the Blink Sync Module; this device is responsible for storing over 7,000 seconds of captured footage. When your Wi-Fi connection cuts out or there is a power surge, your Sync Module may become disconnected. Therefore, it is important to understand how to keep your Blink cameras online and in working condition. Resetting your Blink Sync Module will reset your Blink system and fix any connectivity issues you may have experienced.

To reset your Blink Sync Module, you must use a small item, such as a paperclip, to press the reset button located on the unit near the USB port. Alternatively, you can unplug the Sync Module via the power cord for ten seconds and then plug it back into the power source to reboot the device.

Resetting the Blink Sync Module is crucial as it serves as a reboot to your system when connectivity issues arise. Below, we will cover how to reset the Sync Module and go over some of the various features that make it a critical element of successful home security.

What Does the Blink Sync Module Do?

To ensure that all of your cameras remain connected, the Blink Sync Module is a key component of your security system.

The Sync Module acts as a go-between from your cameras to your smartphone or Alexa device. Not only does the Sync Module serve as the glue to your connectivity, but it is also the hub where your camera feed is stored.

The Blink Sync Module 2 performs the same functions as the original Sync Module and allows the user to store the recorded data on a separate USB drive. This is useful as it adds increased recording capabilities for your Blink camera system for up to ten individual cameras. Blink is unique in offering free camera feed storage as most competing companies require a monthly subscription to have access to stored camera footage. 

Why Reset Your Blink Sync Module?

When the power goes out or your Wi-Fi drops (often for no good reason), your Blink cameras can become disconnected. Therefore, you may need to reset your Sync Module to reconfigure its network connection.  

If you are thinking about moving your Blink cameras to another location, such as your office or a new home, you will also have to reset your Blink Sync Module. This reset will allow you to reconfigure your device settings and prompt you to put in new Wi-Fi credentials.

Updates are another key reason you should reset your Sync module, especially if you have connection issues. The system will only update itself when the Wi-Fi connection is steady, and the power supply is stable. When the device is shut off via a disconnection of either of these, a reset may be needed to ensure proper update schedules are continued.

How to Reset the Blink Sync Module

If you are having connectivity issues with your Blink cameras, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your Blink Sync Module from the power source for at least ten seconds.
  2. After this amount of time has passed, you can then plug the Sync Module back in.
  3. Within 45 to 60 seconds, your Sync Module will reboot and display either a green or blue light on the device, which corresponds with its connectivity status. If the light is red, there is an issue with the Wi-Fi, and this may require a reset of your connected internet modem.

If you’re looking to start over fresh with your Blink system, such as moving or changing internet providers, it would be best to reset your device manually with the external reset button located on the Sync Module. Pressing this button will disconnect the paired cameras and will place the whole system in setup mode, allowing you to make changes or start entirely over with installation.

(Source: Blink Support)

Final Thoughts

To maintain access to a reliable camera feed, it is necessary to keep your Blink Sync Module connected to a secure Wi-Fi connection as well as a protected power source.

Power strips such as Belkin’s 12-Outlet Power Strip safeguard against power surges but will not keep the device powered on in the event of an outage. However, protecting against surges will reduce the number of times you will need to reset your device.