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What Size Drill Bit for Blink Doorbell? (Plus Screw Size Info)

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
Set of drill bits

Are you eager to get your Blink Doorbell mounted, but stuck because you aren’t sure how the drilling works? If this is your first time mounting a doorbell, you’ll discover there’s more to it than just punching holes into surfaces. Pre-drilling is the first step toward mounting your Blink Doorbell, and you must know all about the size of the screw and drill bit you’re to use.

Generally, you should use a 7/32-inch drill bit for the wall anchor and a 3/32-inch bit for the screw to drill mounting holes for a Blink Doorbell. These sizes fit the backplate and leave barely visible holes when dismounted.

Drill bits come in various sizes, and using the wrong one can have damaging effects. Pre-drilling prevents the damage a regular screwdriver can cause during installation. Keep reading to understand more about this drilling process.

What Size Drill Bit is Suitable for a Blink Doorbell?

Going by these screw sizes and the Blink manual, the most suitable drill bit size for mounting a Blink Doorbell is 3/32 inches (2.27 mm) for the screws and 7/32 inches (5.3 mm) for the plastic wall anchors.

The wall anchors are plastic casings that fit into the drilled hole for a smooth countersink. These are included in the Blink Doorbell package, as well as plastic wire caps and the screws mentioned above.

The Correct Screw Sizes for Mounting a Blink Doorbell

The two different types of screws you will find in the Blink package are strictly for mounting the doorbell. In the mounting kit provided by Blink Doorbell, you will find two of each of the following screws:

Each screw serves its own purpose, which we will discuss below.

The #8 3/4-inch Wood Screws

These wood screws fit the holes on the Blink Doorbell’s mounting bracket. To ensure a secure mount, it’s important to use the correct screw size. You do not want to use a screw that fits too loosely, nor do you want to use one that’s too big for the hole.

Wood screws are solid and durable fasteners for mounting hardware on wooden surfaces, including hinges, locks, and hardware. However, they also offer the same clamping force on non-wooden surfaces. If you’re mounting your doorbell on a non-wooden surface, wall anchors will help solidify the threads’ base and hold them in place in the pilot hole.

The #8 1/4-inch Machine Head Screws

Machine head screws are designed to be fastened into metal surfaces with drilled holes. The very nature of these screws guarantees a strong hold on metal and other hard surfaces.

With these screws, you will never have to worry about your Blink Doorbell falling off its mount. They are sturdy, safe, made of stainless steel, and resistant to corrosion.

What Type of Wall Can I Pre-Drill into?

You can pre-drill to ensure a stable, secure fit no matter what type of wall you’re mounting your Blink Doorbell onto. For example, you can drill into:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Concrete

A drill bit is powerful enough to cut through glass, metal, and rock. Therefore, wall type is not a concern when it comes to pre-drilling.

How to Use a Drill Bit for Your Blink Doorbell Installation

Using a drill bit is not as easy as it may seem. It requires precision and a steady push to create a well-placed hole with all that rotating power. Follow the steps below to properly pre-drill before you mount your Blink Doorbell:

  • Place the template on the wall to guide where you drill the mounting holes.
  • Fix the 7/32-inch drill bit to the mouth of the drill.
  • Position the power drill firmly against the circle, where the wall anchors will go, on the template.
  • Begin drilling, making sure not to apply too much pressure. Too much pressure may cause poor alignment.
  • Change to the 3/32-inch drill bit, and repeat the process for the screw holes.

Once you’ve pre-drilled your holes, you can begin attaching the different screws and wall anchors.

Why Should You Use a Drill Bit?

Pre-drilling holes with a drill bit before mounting your doorbell is highly recommended, as many things could go wrong if you carelessly screw the backplate against the wall with a drill or screwdriver. You could create ugly cracks in your concrete wall or door frame or even break the doorbell’s backplate. For these reasons, creating a precise hole before mounting is a better option.

Concluding Thoughts

To pre-drill holes before mounting a Blink Doorbell, you will need a 7/32-inch drill bit for the plastic wall anchors and a 3/32-inch drill bit for the screws. Drill bits require more practice and precision than one might think. If you’ve never used one before or don’t know if you can handle the process, it’s best to hand off the task to someone who can.

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