How Do I Connect My VTech Baby Monitor To Alexa?

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A baby monitor is a great device that helps you keep an eye on your baby in their crib or playing during tummy time. It is useful for the first few years of a child’s life to ensure they aren’t getting into mischief too. A baby monitor, such as the VTech baby monitor, is vital to any child’s upbringing in this day and age.

Baby monitors have improved over the years; many now include better imaging and smart assistant capabilities. The VTech baby monitor can link to Alexa. This may lead to a new parent asking, how do I connect my VTech baby monitor to Alexa? Keep reading to learn the steps to get Alexa to answer VTech baby monitor prompts.

Alexa, Is My Baby Awake?

Imagine connecting your VTech baby monitor to Alexa and asking her if the baby is awake without dropping what you are doing to poke at the monitor itself. It is possible now that VTech has voice assistant capabilities with Alexa. You may wonder, how do I connect my VTech baby monitor to Alexa?

To pair your VTech baby monitor with Alexa, you must enable the skill on your Alexa app and select the specific Echo item you want to have this skill. You can program this skill on multiple Echo devices so you can ask it questions about the baby monitor anywhere within your home a device is located.

Even though the VTech monitor has an impressive distance it can reach, you still might find it easier to use your Echo Show to see your baby. If you’re also wondering, you can use your Echo Show as a baby monitor in their room too!

Knowing you can teach your Echo Dot or similar Echo device a new skill is exciting. It may be a bit daunting if you have never taught an Echo device a skill. Discover exactly how to teach an Echo device skill in the step-by-step guide below so that you can keep a better eye on your baby anywhere in your home.

Select The Echo Device

The first step you need to take to enable a skill on an Echo device is to determine which one will learn the skill first. You will only perform this action once if you have a household with one Echo Dot

If your house is jam-packed with Echo devices to help you control your smart home, you might do this a few more times. Select one to begin.

Wake Up Alexa

Once you have selected which Echo device you want to program, it is time to wake up Alexa and tell her it is time to work. 

Simply do this by saying, “Alexa.” This will wake up the device. The light around the device will glow blue to let you know it is ready to go and listening for more commands.

Navigate Through The Skills Menu

Once you wake up Alexa, the skills menu on an Echo Show will appear. You must scroll through the skills menu options until you find the option labeled Enable Skill. 

Select this option, as it will prompt the device to enter a learning mode and open up a new window to begin the pairing process.

Health & Wellness Category

The next menu that appears will have a few different categories available for you to choose from. While it can be tempting to get distracted and see what other skills the Echo Dot can learn, you should be on the lookout for the Health & Wellness category. 

Once you have found this category, you must select it.

Search For the VTech Baby Monitor

Under the Health & Wellness Category, you will find a list of different devices that have skills the Echo Dot can learn with Alexa. Smartwatches, monitors, smart exercise equipment, and other items can all provide new skills to Alexa. 

On this screen, you are looking for the VTech Baby Monitor device. Once you find it, tap it to select it.

Select The Skill

Once you have selected the VTech baby monitor as the device you want the Echo Dot to learn more about, it will open up yet another menu. 

This will allow you to select the VTech baby monitor as a skill for the Echo Device and Alexa assistant. Select the skill for it to begin the pairing process.

Follow On Screen Instructions

Amazon and VTech have made it easy to connect their device from this point forward. The Echo Show will provide on-screen directions for pairing with the VTech baby monitor. 

Keep in mind you need the parent unit and child unit nearby to finish setting up. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Test The Connection

After the connection has successfully paired and the Echo Show has learned the new skill, it is time to try it out. Ask Alexa to turn on the baby monitor’s screen or ask what time the baby wakes up. It will use smart sensors and technology to record patterns of information it collects while it helps you keep your baby safe.

Let Alexa Do The Work

Once paired, you can follow the same steps to set up other Echo devices. Once everything is programmed and ready to go, you can easily ask Alexa questions about the monitor and information anywhere, anytime. The beauty of hands-free monitoring is you can do more while the baby sleeps without one eye on the monitor.

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