Eufy Camera Mounting Guide: Where to Put Them?

Man with helmet installing a security camera outside.Man with helmet installing a security camera outside.

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Eufy cameras serve as great home security devices for homeowners looking for great quality cameras and no monthly subscriptions. After purchasing your Eufy cameras, you will have to install them yourself, leaving you wondering where you should put them.  

You will want to mount your Eufy cameras about 7 to 10 feet high, out of direct sunlight, and in an area where the app says your signal is “great.” The Eufy cameras have a 140-degree field of view which gives you a wide shot and covers a large area wherever it is placed.

Eufy cameras are user-friendly and are designed for easy set-up, but deciding where to mount them can sometimes be difficult. Continue reading to get more in-depth instructions on how to decide on the best places to put your Eufy cameras.

Connecting Your Cameras Before Mounting Them

Before finding a good place to mount your Eufy cameras, you first have to have them connected to your phone. This is a crucial step because you will need to refer to the app to know if the area you choose for your Eufy camera has a proper signal. You will need to connect both your camera and your HomeBase to the app.

Follow these steps to connect your cameras and HomeBase to the app on your phone:

  1. Download the Eufy Security App.
  2. Plug in the HomeBase station to an electrical outlet.
  3. Use an ethernet cable to connect the HomeBase station to your router.
  4. Open the app and sign in or sign up.
  5. After signing in, select the “add device” button and select the HomeBase option.
  6. Follow the steps and then hold down the “sync” button on the HomeBase when instructed.
  7. Your HomeBase should now be connected, and now you must add the cameras.
  8. Select the “add device” button again and choose “Eufy camera.”
  9. Continue following steps and then hold down the “sync” button on the first Eufy camera when instructed.
  10. Your first Eufy camera should now be connected.
  11. Follow the same steps to connect your second Eufy camera.

After connecting your devices to the app, you can now successfully find a place to mount your cameras. Use the app when selecting a place for your cameras and ensure the signal reads “great” to guarantee the best connection for your cameras.

Here is a great YouTube video that offers step-by-step visuals of connecting your devices to your phone if you still are having trouble doing so.

Selecting Where to Mount Your Eufy Cameras

After your cameras are connected to your app, you can now select a location for them. There are quite a few ideal places to mount your Eufy cameras, but it really depends where you feel the need to have them located the most. Eufy cameras can be placed either inside or outside, or even both.

Whether you are placing your Eufy cameras inside or outside, it is important that you keep them in an area that will be beneficial to keep an eye on your home. Make sure your Eufy cameras are facing outward and towards the area you are trying to keep surveillance on.

Placing Your Eufy Cameras Outside

Mounting your camera outside is a great way to not only see who is approaching your home and check for unwanted visitors but can also keep an eye on the activity going on in your neighborhood.

Here are some of the best locations to mount your Eufy cameras outside:

  • Above front door
  • Above garage
  • Above back door
  • Above side door
  • On your porch

Placing Your Eufy Cameras Inside

If you want to keep an eye on your home from the inside, your Eufy cameras work just the same. You can use your Eufy camera to keep an eye on pets while you are away, watch doors from the inside as a security measure, and much more.

Here are some of the best locations to mount your Eufy cameras inside:

  • Facing the front door
  • Facing the back door
  • Facing any other points of entry to your home
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen

Final Thoughts

Eufy cameras are great if you prefer to install your system on your own, but that also comes with choosing the best place to mount them, which can be overwhelming.

Luckily with the Eufy cameras’ wide range of view, wherever you decide to place them, they will cover almost all of the ground you are trying to keep an eye on. Just remember to place them 7 to 10 feet high, out of direct sunlight, and where you have a “great” signal according to your app.

Don’t let the responsibility of self-installation intimidate you from purchasing a Eufy camera. They are a great option if you prefer no monthly payments, and they also hold battery life for almost a whole year on just a single charge. With Eufy’s clear instructions on set-up, you will have your Eufy camera up and protecting your home in no time.  

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