Eufy Camera Battery Life Quick Guide

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The market is saturated with security cameras. To stand out, innovation, uniqueness, and creativity are paramount. So what do Eufy cameras offer that fifty or so cousins don’t? The answer: One of the longest-lasting camera batteries on the market.

A Eufy Camera’s battery life is simply unmatched. With a battery that lasts an entire year—three years in standby mode—maintenance is rare. But, there are some preservation tips to follow to make the Eufy Camera’s long-lasting battery even better.

The eufyCam comes with four 13,000 milliamp lithium-ion batteries built into the housing. The batteries are good for hundreds of charges and, with moderate use, an entire year between each charge. A one-year warranty covers both the camera and the batteries.

Making Your Eufy Camera’s Battery Life Last

Although the Eufy Camera’s battery can already last for a full year, there are a few things you can do to ensure it can last much longer.

Placement Is Key

EufyCam batteries aren’t accessible, at least not in the traditional way. So, wherever you place your cam when the time comes to charge, you’ll have to remove the entire camera from its anchor to charge it.

On the same coin, charging needs are so infrequent that you can afford to place the camera in a difficult-to-access position because you won’t be climbing a ladder to take it down every few days. Charging time takes as little as three hours; that’s three hours for roughly another year of usage. Not bad at all.

Disconnection problems and weak signals will also decrease your battery’s life cycle. Avoid placing the camera too far away from your router.

More Usage Equals Less Battery

Anker markets the eufyCam batteries as a 365-day charge. They’re not wrong. However, that’s running on the assumption that the camera’s usage is minimal, detecting motion ten times per day on average. If you place the camera facing a high traffic area, 365 days is bound to decrease as the camera reacts to excessive motion.

If you want to place your eufyCam in a high traffic position, be aware that the battery life may decrease well below a year’s worth of charge. Any additional settings that you have turned on—outside of simple motion-detecting—will increase the decline process.

While not confirmed, using HomeKit—rather than the Eufy app—will supposedly reduce your battery life. It’s certainly something to consider when setting up your camera system.

Sunlight Is Your Friend

If you enjoy the hassle-free, long-term eufyCam battery, you might consider adding a Eufy Solar Panel.

The solar panel comes with everything you need to constantly charge your eufyCam batteries, including several adapters and a charging cable. The Eufy solar panel is 2.6W and can fully charge your battery in a day. It doesn’t require direct sunlight all day, but at least for part of the day.

It sets up just like the eufyCam, and can be anchored either directly adjacent to your camera or up to thirteen feet away since that is the length of the charging cable.

Eufy Camera Battery Replacement and Warranty

EufyCams come with a one-year warranty on both the device and the battery. It’s not advisable to attempt to replace your battery within that year. If there’s an issue with the battery, Eufy will replace it for free.

No panel or port allows easy access to the battery in a eufyCam. The camera has to be disassembled to change it; this runs the risk of damaging the camera and will most likely ruin the waterproofing.

If you’re insistent, you should purchase an electronic disassembly kit. It’ll reduce the likelihood of damaging crucial hardware, although it will probably destroy the waterproofing. Taking the camera apart to change the battery will void the warranty. So, if it becomes your essential DIY project, proceed carefully and only after the warranty has expired.

The batteries within the eufyCam are good for hundreds of charging cycles. If there is a fault in the hardware, it’s likely to show up well before the warranty expiration date. The camera itself will probably fail long before the batteries become useless.

Eufy Camera Battery Care and Maintenance

Like most security cameras, eufyCam has an app for iOS and Android. From this app, you will be able to keep track of your battery usage, how many times the camera sensors are tripped, turn off non-essential functions, and know when to recharge your battery. Using the app will help you maintain the marketed lifespan of the battery. If you want to make it last, turn off all of the features that you feel are non-essential.

If you have multiple eufyCams, develop a routine to have them all charged at once, rather than staggering them out throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

The batteries used in eufyCams are essentially the most hassle-free cameras out there. They’re easy to maintain and have a long enough warranty that a fault will likely show up long before it expires.

Solar panels eliminate even the rare headache of annual recharges. With app monitoring and careful placement, the eufyCam battery will likely last for many years beyond the warranty.

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