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Does The TCL TV Have Chromecast? Tips On How To Use It!

Last Updated May 27, 2022
Chromecast remote and tv

For those who aren’t aware of what a TCL TV is, it’s a high-performance smart TV that streams different movies and tv shows from many entertainment platforms. There are many positive reviews from verified buyers on the tv’s exceptional quality and features! However, there are also many people confused about whether they can use Chromecast on their TCL TV. 

TCL TV does allow Chromecast for their devices. Chromecast helps you stream more movies and tv shows on Android devices. On your laptop device, you can use Chromecast in three different ways. You can cast from your laptop’s current tap, desktop, or files.

So now that you know the TCL TV has Chromecast and you can use it in different ways let’s take a look at how to set it up and use it!

How To Use Chromecast On TCL TV From Laptop Device

Since June 2020, TCL has recently announced that it has launched its first televisions with Andriod TV in the United States. This means that their televisions will now have built-in Chromecast features without manually setting it up! 

If you have one of these television products, then great! However, if you do not, we can help you figure out how to set it up manually!

According to TCL TV Support, here is how to set up Chromecast on your TCL device from your laptop:

  • Make sure your laptop device and television are connected to the same network. You can do this by individually checking both of their wifi settings.
  • Find the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Cast.” This should bring you to the different casting devices options.
  • Select your TCL TV device. Once selected, you can then choose how you’d like to cast different things by expanding the “Source” tap.

If you don’t have a laptop but instead have a mobile device, keep reading to see how you can use Chromecast from your mobile device!

How To Use Chromecast On TCL TV From Mobile Device

Just like the laptop device, you can also stream movies and tv shows on Chromecast right from your mobile device! If you feel like sharing your favorite shows and movies on the bigger screen for you and your loved ones to watch together, then Chromecast can help you achieve just that!

Here is how to use Chromecast on your TCL TV right from your phone, according to TCL TV Support:

  • Connect your mobile device to the same wifi network as your TCL TV by going into your mobile device’s settings and tapping on “Wifi.”
  • Open a Chromecast-compatible app and tap the “Cast” button near the corner of your screen. You can tell if the streaming application can cast onto your TCL TV if you see the casting icon on your mobile device’s screen.
  • Select your TCL device to cast your movie or show on your TV. 

Now that you’ve learned the different methods on how to cast your entertainment to your television let’s take a look at some other features included with the TCL TV.

What Are Some Features Included With The TCL TV?

Depending on the model and size of your TCL TV, you can experience many amazing features on your smart television for a more enhanced entertainment experience. To help show all of the TCL TV products and the features they offer to customers, we’ve created a chart that shows exactly that!

According to TCL TV Support, here is a chart comparing all of the TCL TV devices and the features they offer:

Smart TVAndriod and RokuAndriod and RokuGoogle and RokuAndroid, Google, and RokuRoku
ResolutionHD 720p (32’’), Full HD 1080p (40”)4K Quality4K Quality4K and 8K Quality4K Quality
Voice ControlGoogle, Alexa, Roku VoiceGoogle, Siri, Alexa, Roku VoiceHands-free Google, Siri, Alexa, Roku VoiceHands-free Google, Siri, Alexa, Roku VoiceGoogle, Siri, Alexa, Roku Voice
HDMI Ports2-3 HDMI, HDMI ARC, USB 2.03-4 HDMI, HDMI ARC, USB 2.03-4 HDMI, HDMI eARC, USB 2.02-4 HDMI, HDMI 2.1 support up to 4K, eARC, USB 2.04 HDMI, eARC, USB 2.0
Backlight TechnologyDirect LEDDirect LEDFull Contrast Control Zones (up to 60-80 zones)Mini-LED Contrast Control (up to 240 zones)Mini-LED Quantum Contrast (up to 1000 zones)
RemoteEasy-to-use and Enhanced remote with voice controlEasy-to-use and Enhanced remote with voice controlEasy-to-use and Enhanced remote with voice controlEnhanced remote with voice controlEnhanced remote with voice control

You should always weigh the features you think you’d like to take advantage of with the price range you’d like to stay within. Click here if you’d like to know more devices you could take advantage of with your TCL TV. 

So Really, Does the TCL TV Have Chromecast?

To wrap up, you definitively can use Chromecast with your TCL TV. You need to know how to set it up and use it.

To set it up, you have to use the casting feature while connected to the same wifi network as the device you’re casting from. Now you can enjoy the comfort of effortlessly enjoying your favorite shows without having to get up!

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