Does the iPhone 15 Have Power Bank Issues? We Found Out

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The iPhone 15 came out less than two months ago, and users on Reddit and the MacRumors forums are already reporting issues. 

One issue we wanted to look into further is what can happen when you try to charge an iPhone 15 with a wireless power bank.

What Happens When You Use an iPhone 15 and a Power Bank?

Not to brag, but we got it right. We predicted that the iPhone 15 would feature a USB-C charging port, and it does. But, it seems that introducing a USB-C port has led iPhone 15 owners to a major issue while using a power bank to charge their devices. 

iphone 15 with charging cable

Namely, users have reported that the iPhone 15’s reverse charging feature causes the phone not to charge at all, or worse, charge the power bank instead.

The First Reports of a Power Bank Problem with iPhone 15

The list of power banks affected by this issue is growing too long to share, but the issue was first reported by an Anker power bank user

Anker is one of the most commonly used power bank manufacturers. Patient zero of this issue reported that when the power bank was plugged in, the power bank began to charge itself.  

This is due to a feature Apple added to allow customers to use the extra juice in their phone to charge their Apple Watch, AirPods, and or another iPhone.

Tips for Using an iPhone 15 with a Power Bank

The expectation is that Apple may release a software patch to resolve this, so users should expect an update with something along the lines of disabling the reverse charging feature. 

But until that happens, here are some solutions for charging your iPhone 15 with a power bank:

  • If your power bank has a USB-A port, use this to charge your iPhone rather than a USB-C port.
  • Avoid power banks that have USB-C ports for charging both to and from the power bank.
  • Use a MagSafe wireless power bank instead.

Approved Power Banks for iPhone 15

If you’re in the market for a new power bank for your iPhone 15, the following are reported to be fully compatible with the latest Apple iPhone:

  1. Anker PowerCore 5000 MagSafe. This bank uses a strong magnetic connection to stick to the back of your phone while delivering charge wirelessly.
  2. Anker Nano 30W Power Bank. This 10000mAH power bank features a handy wrist strap and a built-in USB-C cable. 
  3. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. All you need to do is attach this battery to the back of your iPhone and you’re ready to go.
  4. UGREEN 145W Power Bank. This 25000 mAh power bank can charge your iPhone from empty to full in just 90 minutes.
  5. GOODaaa Power Bank. This 36000 mAh battery features a built-in solar panel to help it regenerate some of its energy.

Alternative On-The-Go Charging for iPhone 15

Of course, having a phone-sized lump of plastic on your person is not always convenient. So, here are some options to ensure you aren’t caught staring at the dreaded empty battery logo on your iPhone while the power is out:

  • Don’t miss an opportunity to charge. Remember to dock or plug in your phone when driving.
  • Keep an extra cable on you. Most public transport services, and sometimes even taxis and Ubers, will offer you a power outlet during your journey.
  • Use Low Power Mode when not using your phone for long periods.
  • Message rather than call. Talking on the phone still seems to be a major drain on your battery.
  • Keep an eye on your battery usage. Your iPhone can tell you what apps are draining your battery so you can ditch the ones you don’t use.
  • Close all the open apps.

Other iPhone 15 Charging Issues

Your new iPhone not being compatible with your power bank might seem like a troubling issue, but some BMW drivers are reporting a more permanent fault with their phones after attempting to charge them in the wireless car charging port.

Some owners have reported seeing their device go into Recovery Mode with a white screen. Upon reboot, the NFC chip no longer works and the Wallet app reports a “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay” error.  

At the moment, Apple hasn’t commented on this problem or issued a fix.

Having Trouble Charging Your iPhone 15?

Understandably, Apple’s move to USB-C has made users nervous and frustrated. But if you’ve taken the plunge and moved to Apple’s latest model, there are a few steps to take if you’re struggling to charge successfully:

  • Check your cable wattage. It turns out not all cables are made equal. Check that your charging cable can handle the amount of power you’re sending down it.
  • Placement is key when charging wirelessly. Wireless chargers can be fussy, so make sure your phone is placed correctly and won’t be displaced while it’s charging.
  • Consider battery health. Open the Settings app and select “Battery.” For a device this new, anything less than 100% maximum capacity could indicate a battery issue.
  • Apple Support. If all else fails, contact Apple Support. Apple is charging users more than ever to replace failing batteries, but you might be safe if you have a warranty.

We also made a quick video to help you optimize the charging on your iPhone:

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