iPhone 15 – What We (Think We) Know?

White USB-C and Apple MFI Lightening cableWhite USB-C and Apple MFI Lightening cable

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Now that we’re through the never ending months of January and February, we can start to look forward to the tech releases that this year has to offer.  Next gen VR, QD OLED TVs, integrated AI and quantum computing are just a few of the exciting releases on the horizon this year.

Indeed Apple will be a big player within many of these markets.  Their VR headset was set to be announced in April before their spring event was mysteriously canceled last month.  One occasion that will go ahead will be the annual September iPhone event, where Apple will launch the iPhone 15.

Below we look at what we expect on release, based on rumours and renders from the Apple official CAD from @UniverseIce on Twitter.

Models And Prices

iPhone 15 renders from CAD with dimensions
We may see a Pro Max, or an Ultra, but expect to pay increased prices either way.

Rumors suggest that Apple may use this release to yet again change the models available, with some detailing a iPhone/iPhone Pro/iPhone Ultra (or Plus) approach.

But with the current cost of living crisis you’d be forgiven for thinking Apple might be attempting to lower their prices to boost sales.  This seems unlikely, with a slight bump in cost probable across the range when launched in September.

What Will We USB-C?

iPhone 15 renders from CAD front and back showing usb-c
Future EU legislation seems to have finally convinced Apple to switch to a usb-c port.

The biggest change we know of so far is that leaked images have confirmed the presence of a USB-C port.  Apple had persisted with the lightning port for some time, but pressure from regulators and users seems to have been enough this time around, and for the first time Apples flagship device will be charged via USB-C.

However, if you think this sounds a little out of character for a manufacturer so hell bent on restricting compatibility, you’d be right.  Apples USB-C includes MFI (Made For iPhone) which suggests they planet to limit how it works with non apple devices.  

So it may be that this move to USB-C is more to placate the EU requirement that all phones use this type of port by 2024, rather than increasing cross-compatibility.

The Bezels In The Details

iPhone 15 renders from CAD front and back.
A slightly slimmer frame and a dynamic island will add a few millimeters of screen space.

We’re talking tiny details here, but rumors are that the iPhone 15 will include slightly thinner bezels than it’s predecessors.  You’ll probably also see a lot made of the “Dynamic Island” which detaches the screen camera from the frame of the phone, allowing for more display space.  

Some have speculated that Apple have developed technology to seat the camera under the phone so as to not have it impact the display at all, but this seems unlikely.

More to follow….

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