Does TCL TV Have Google Chrome?

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TCL Smart TVs are one of the most popular brands of Smart TVs on the market today. Each Smart TV has different capabilities as to the features it has in store for your viewing experience. Google Chrome is also a fantastic web browser which is familiar to many who use computers and mobile devices. So you may be wondering, does a TCL TV have Google Chrome?

You can’t use Google Chrome on your TCL Roku TV; however, there is a way you can install it which we will go over in this article. You can also use the casting option from a device to display Google Chrome on the TV. 

Since Google Chrome doesn’t come directly with a TCL Smart TV, you will have to install it using some basic instructions that we have discovered to be helpful in the process.

Steps to Install Google Chrome on your TCL Smart TV

The steps to install Google Chrome on your TCL Smart TV may have you dig into some areas that you may not be familiar with, but it doesn’t get overly complicated.

Here is how you can install Google Chrome on your TCL Smart TV:

  1. Open up the option on your TV where you can download apps. On most TVs, this is called the “App Store”
  2. In the search box, you will need to search for an app that will evaluate the system infrastructure of your TV. This app is called “AIDA64.”
  3. After downloading and opening this app, navigate to the “CPU” section. It will list several different details of your TV, but you will be looking for “Supported ABI’s.” Note what this description is for later.
  4. Now, you will need a laptop or desktop computer and a flash drive in order to proceed. On your laptop or computer, go to and search for Google Chrome.
  5. Find the Google Chrome download that matches the architecture you previously wrote down and save it to your flash drive.
  6. After this is complete, insert the flash drive into your TCL Smart TV. 
  7. Now you will need to go back to the App Store and download “FX File Explorer.”
  8. After downloading the Explorer, open it and access the “Media Card.” 
  9. Now find your Google Chrome downloaded file. Click on this file and Google Chrome will begin installation after following the prompts.
  10. You can now exit out of the FX File Explorer and go to the main screen of your TV. 
  11. From the main screen, find the search bar at the top where you can search the TV. Enter Google Chrome, or just “Chrome” and the browser will appear for you to select.

From here, you should be able to use the Google Browser just as you would anywhere else, but only on your TCL Smart TV now!

How to Cast to a TCL Smart TV

TCL TV’s have the option of Chromecast built-in to their lineup of great features they bring you. If your TV has this option, you have the possibility of being able to cast media to your TV from the luxury of your computer or mobile device.

All you need is Google Chrome on your computer or mobile device to cast to your TV. From there all you have to do is make sure both devices are connected to the internet to use this. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the device you are casting from, click the 3 dots in the upper right of the Google Chrome Browser. 
  2. From there, you will have the option to “Cast.” 
  3. After selecting “Cast,” Chrome will find all possible devices it can cast to in the reachable area.
  4. Select your TV from the list, and just like that, you will have the media on your TCL TV!

If you would like to learn more about casting to your TV, check out this article

Can You Still Cast to Your TV Without Using Google Chrome?

Now, if you don’t use Google Chrome, you may be wondering if you can still cast to your TV. 

Whether you have a computer or mobile phone, you still can make casting a possibility. There are many apps for whatever operating system you are running that mimic Google Chrome’s casting feature.

You will want to search for “casting apps” or “mirroring apps,” to find these applications for download.


So, although your TCL Smart TV may not have Google Chrome, your TV still can have a web browser of it’s own that you can use. But if in the end you want Chrome, that’s an option too if you want to take a few minutes to install it. Take care!

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