Does Sharp TV Have Google Play Store?

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The ability to access Google Play Store from your Sharp TV has lots of advantages. In fact, accessing Google Play Store from all TVs, and even most other devices, is a convenience we’ve all gotten pretty accustomed to. So, learning that Google Play Store isn’t available on every device might come as a surprise. Do you have a Sharp TV? And now you’re wondering, does Sharp TV have Google Play Store?

Televisions running Android TV have access to the Google Play Store and many of the apps on the service. Sharp TVs with the Roku OS also have access to many of the same applications. It is slightly different than the Google Play store version and may require a small learning curve if you are used to the way Android applications are used.

A big benefit of having access to the Google Play Store is the ability to use a file manager and apps outside of the Play Store for even more options. Continue reading to find out how to make this work on your Sharp TV!

How Do You Download Apps from the Google Play Store?

If your Sharp television is running Android TV, it is a very simple process to add apps to your system. Simply find the Google Play store application and click on it. From there, you can search for any app you wish to install and download.

One of the best reasons to download apps directly from the Google Play store is how easily they are kept up to date. The operating system will keep all the apps on the most current version without the end-user having to do anything new. It is a very simple point, but it does help keep things smooth and easy for the user.

How Do I Use Google Assistant on My Sharp TV?

One of the biggest benefits to having the Google Play store built into your tv is having access to the Google Assistant. In the newest devices from Sharp, the remote controls can access the assistant via voice controls.

This enables your TV to be the center of your smart home. You can control any of the other smart devices you have in your home via the remote. Simply press the assistance button or the microphone button and give any command you want it to take care of.

Can You Download Apps Outside of the Play Store?

Another great feature you can utilize because of the flexibility of Android TV and the Play Store is the ability to download and install third-party applications.

People that are not well versed in sideloading applications may have a hard time because of the steps involved, but they will be shown as simply as possible. The steps to uploading the necessary software and getting started are outlined below.

  1. Sideload the APK of any application you wish to have using your computer.
  2. Go to a site like APK Mirror and find the
  3. Take the application APK file and transfer it onto a flash drive.
  4. Next, go to the Android TV app store and download the Solid Explorer File Manager application.
  5. Go into the settings for Android TV to enable the TV to use the File Manager app.
    1. Device Preferences>Security and Restrictions>Unknown Sources>Change the toggle for the File Manager. (Only required because the app is from a third-party)
  6. Plug the flash drive into your TV and locate the APK using the File Manager app.
  7. Now, just open the file, and the app should install easily.
  8. To make the most of the app is on your device, some sort of mouse can be connected to your TV.

This is only if the Play Store does not have a specific app you are looking for. One that comes to mind is Paramount+ which does not currently have a certified Android app available.

Can I Add Google Apps to my Roku TV?

Sharp, smart televisions typically either have Google Play built-in or Roku. Google Play being based on Android.

While Roku has a substantial number of applications to download, Google Play Store apps are not on that list. Only a very limited number of Google applications will be available for the Roku version of the tv. Another point regarding the apps that are available is that they will not work nearly as well as when running on Android.

Another point to make regarding apps is that Roku does not allow for APK downloads. Because APK stands for Android Package Kit, they only work on software that is based on Android. This limits the number of apps that can run on these devices to those that are offered by Roku.

The Wrap Up

Sharp TVs running Android TV not only have access to all the apps Google has to offer from the Play Store but essentially an endless number of apps via third-party sources via APK files. Furthermore, it will then give you the excellent Google Assistant, which makes your smart TV a control hub for your entire smart home.

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