Does Echo Show 10 Have A Web Browser?

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The Echo Show 10 has revolutionized the way that content can be viewed. The screen rotates to follow your movements so that you can keep your eyes on the big game, even as you do house chores or entertain your guests. One of the big questions on everybody’s mind is whether the Echo Show 10 has a viable web browser.

The Echo Show 10 does come with a web browser, which can be navigated in much the same way as you would surf the web on your laptop or phone. The biggest difference with the Echo Show is the ability to activate apps with your voice and then seamlessly click through pages with the touch of a finger.

Which Internet browsers are available on the Echo Show 10? Can you download browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more in the sections below.

Can You Download An Internet Browser On The Alexa App?

Additional skills and apps can be downloaded onto the Echo Show 10 through the Alexa store app on a mobile device. Amazon has developed over 100,000 skills, but there are currently no internet apps available other than the browser built into the system.

Does The Echo Show 10 Have A Firefox Browser?

In the past, Echo Show users had access to a Mozilla Firefox browser. However, in early 2021, Mozilla announced that they would be removing the Firefox browser from the Echo Show.

Those who downloaded Firefox before 2021 still technically have access to the browser, but there will no longer be any feature or security updates made to the browser, putting users at risk.

What Is The Web Browser On The Echo Show 10?

Echo Show 10 users are automatically directed to the Amazon Silk browser. Silk functions just like any other web browser. You can search for and navigate to any web page of your choice. You can also bookmark your favorite websites.

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Is Amazon Silk Any Good?

Many features make the Amazon Silk internet browser desirable. In the sections below, you’ll see how the Silk web browser stacks up against other leading internet browsers.

Voice Activation

Amazon Silk supports Alexa voice-activation technology. You can open and browse the internet with simple voice commands, a feature that is still being ironed out in competing browsers.

The Alexa voice assistant has been deemed much more effective than leading competitors such as Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. Widespread use has allowed Amazon ample opportunity to develop its product, and it shows.

Alexa responds to hundreds of different commands. Included amongst the mix are navigation tools for Silk.

Easy To Use YouTube

It’s easy to access YouTube on Silk. Ask Alexa to “open Silk.” The default homepage shows your bookmarks. YouTube is automatically bookmarked in the factory settings, so you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the site.

The site’s layout is the same as it would be for any mobile device. Also, the automatically-rotating screen follows your movements, making it easy to learn new and exciting recipes while you cook.

Designed For Touch Interactions

Amazon Silk is specifically designed to be navigated by voice and touch. Touch-based interactions are applied to click-based DOM events. This means you can use your finger to click through links as you would a mouse.

Split Browser Architecture

Silk is built on the Chromium Project, which means that navigating Silk is a similar experience to using Google Chrome. It operates using a “Split Browser Architecture.” This feature comes with many benefits.

  • The Echo Show 10 device is only doing half the work when it comes to pulling up pages.
  • This means that processing is performed over the cloud, rather than having to rely on a small device with limited bandwidth.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be used to analyze your traffic patterns and predict which sites you may visit next.

How To Change Your Home Screen Content On The Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 holds many advantages over a traditional laptop or tablet. One is the ability to view infotainment without having to navigate through a bunch of different websites. You can download widgets that display breaking news, weather, sports, and much more on your home screen.

  1. Say “Go to Settings.”
  2. Select Home Content.
  3. For each content option, move the switch to the OFF or ON position to manage which applications are displayed on the home screen.

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How To Change Settings On Amazon Silk

You can access the browser settings menu on your Echo Show 10 by launching the Silk browser:

  • There are two ways to find the settings menu:
    • Tap the menu icon on the navigation bar.
    • Swipe in from the left edge of the screen.
  • You can change the display format, set your default search engine, change security settings, and more.

Final Thoughts

The only internet browser available on the Echo Show 10 is Amazon Silk. In the past, the Mozilla Firefox browser was offered as an option, but this service was discontinued in 2021. Still, many features make Silk a desirable browser.

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