Do TCL TVs Have Cameras?


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Recently, there have been rumors that TV companies put hidden cameras in their smart TVs. So, whether you’d like to use it or don’t want your TV spying on you, it’s natural to wonder if your TCL TV has a camera. 

Do TCL TVs Have Cameras?

Currently, there are no TCL TVs that have built-in cameras. However, there are a few TCL TVs you can connect an external camera to.

Certain TCL TVs are equipped with Google Duo or Google Meet technology, which allows you to hold video chats on the big screen. 

But so far, the company has assured customers they don’t have to worry about hidden cameras on their TCL TVs.

Which TCL TVs Can Connect to a Camera?

The TCL Full HD USB Camera connects to TCL TVs that use the Android or Google operating system. As long as your TCL TV supports video calling and has a USB port, you can connect the camera.

Connecting the Full HD USB Camera to a compatible TCL TV is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Place the camera on top of your TV.
  2. Adjust the lower arm to magnetically secure it to your TV.
  3. Plug the camera into your TV’s USB port.

Do TCL TVs Have Microphones?

Many smart TVs have microphones. Some have them built into the TV themselves, while others have them built into the remote. This lets you connect your TV to a smart home hub and control it with voice commands

Your microphone’s location depends on the operating system. Android and Google TCL TVs have microphones built into the TV, while Fire and Roku TCL TVs have them built into the microphone.  

Where is the Microphone on a TCL TV?

If your TCL TV’s microphone is on the TV itself, it’ll likely be located at the bottom of the frame under the TCL logo. It looks like a pinhole. If you don’t see it here, it’s probably built into your TV’s speakers.

You’ll see a similar pinhole on your remote. This is also a microphone.

How to Find Out if Your TV Has a Camera

Regardless of the “smart” feature, very few smart TVs have a built-in camera. If you do have a model with a built-in camera, it might be hard to see. 

The easiest way to find out if your smart TV has a camera is by looking at the manual. If your smart TV has built-in facial recognition or video chat features, it likely has a built-in camera. 

If you can’t find this information in the manual, try looking up your TV by model or serial number

It’s usually tough to see, but you can also check the edges of the screen for a small red camera indicator light

The location of the camera will vary depending on the model. It could be near:

  • The top center
  • The bottom center
  • In one of the corners

Can I Stop My TCL TV from Listening To Me?

You’re not crazy to think, “My TV is spying on me!” The FBI issued a warning in 2019 regarding the privacy of smart TVs. 

While it is unlikely that anyone will hack into your TCL TV and use it to spy on you, you can eliminate the risk by disabling the microphone and unplugging your camera when you aren’t using it.

Some TCL TVs have toggle switches on the back to disable the microphone. If yours doesn’t, you can usually disable the microphone in your TV’s settings menu

Where you’ll find the setting on your TV depends on your operating system, but it’s generally under the Privacy submenu.

TCL Cameras for Smart TVs

The best camera to use with your TCL smart TV is the TCL Full HD USB Camera. It features a stereo microphone and HD resolution, with a 70-degree field of view. 

Some other good options include:

All these webcams have a built-in privacy cover you can place over the lens when you’re not using the camera. These are useful not only for video calling, but also when you want to use your TCL TV as a computer monitor

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