Do TCL TVs Have Cameras?


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Recently, there have been rumors that most TV companies put up cameras or hidden cameras in their smart televisions. Companies like TCL TV make smart Televisions with lots of features in them, so is having a camera in their smart TV one of them? 

TCL TVs are cheaper than higher-end counterparts and equipped with the same interesting features, but having a camera is not one of them. They have succeeded in developing an accessory called The TCL New Full 1080p WebCam. This is an external camera that does not come with the smart TV itself. 

You can also use other brand web cameras on your TCL TV. When successfully installed you can video chat and keep in contact with family,  friends, and work colleagues. In this article, we would be looking at how to find out if your TV has a Camera, If your TCL TV has microphones and how you can connect a camera to your smart TV. 

How to Find Out If Your TV Has a Camera

Irrespective of the “smart” feature, not all smart TVs come with a camera. The ones that do are expensive and they are part of the latest brands of higher-end televisions because of this unique feature. These cameras are built-in and sometimes might be hard to see. So how do you know if your TV has a camera? 

You can find out if your smart TV has a camera by going through the TV manual or guide. If your smart TV has facial recognition or video chat features, it means that it has a camera hidden somewhere if it is not visible enough. Most smart TVs don’t, only the more advanced models of smart TVs might.

You can sometimes tell your TV has a camera by locating a red light anywhere around your TV while it’s turned on. The location of the camera also varies based on the brand of TV. But in most cases, it is found on the top center frame of the TV or lower center frame depending on the model. 

This is as a result of your camera using the video chat or facial recognition features, so your image has to be aligned correctly. 

Do TCL TVs have Microphones?

It’s amazing when you look at the capabilities of smart televisions. They can support smart home hubs as well as stream live videos from your security camera. Most smart televisions operate with voice recognition and command through the aid of a microphone. But do TCL TVs also boast of a microphone? 

TCL Google TVs and remotes are designed with inbuilt listening microphones for voice commands. This allows you to tell your TV what you want to be displayed on your screen. You can also easily access movies, music, and other content on the internet by simply making use of voice recognition. 

TCL TV has two microphones, one is located on the TV and the other one is located on the remote. It also comes with a switch located at the back of the TV used to disable the microphone. You can operate your TCL’s microphone by using the press-and-hold Method to access the Google Assistant controls.

If you would like to learn more about TCL TVS, check out this article.

How do I connect My camera to My Smart TV?

Smart TVs have the amazing feature of working with external cameras (Webcam) when successfully installed. After successfully installing and with the help of the internet you can stay connected to whoever you want, wherever they are. In case you need help in configuring your camera to your smart TV here’s how you can go about it.

How to connect your camera to a Smart TV.

  1. Connect the USB to your Webcam and insert the other end to the USB port on your Smart TV. 
  2. Select the “Source or input” button on your remote.
  3. Scan through your input sources options and select Webcam. 
  4. Adjust the Webcam so you can see yourself on the TV screen. 
  5. Connect your smart TV and Webcam to a secure Internet source to have the best user experience. 

Setting up a camera for your Smart TV is a good idea to stay connected with relatives who might be Tech-averse. It reduces the stress of computer setup and wiring. It also saves you the discomfort of carrying your laptop from one place to another, so you can communicate comfortably.


TCL TVs are cheap and amazing for your smart streaming. Unlike a few TV giants, TCL TV doesn’t have inbuilt cameras but has developed an HD camera specifically made for their Google and Android product brands. The use of voice command and recognition to operate even makes it more fun and convenient to use. 

Most Smart TVs are not produced with inbuilt cameras, only a few have been able to do so in their latest brands.

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