Can You Use Ring Doorbells with Android Phones or iPhone? (or Tablets?)

Person holding phone horizontally with ring app open on live viewPerson holding phone horizontally with ring app open on live view

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Having a Ring Doorbell will help protect your home by always keeping you alert of what’s going on outside your front door. With that said, it’s important to know just how to access the feed coming from your Ring Doorbell, whether it’s through a smartphone or other device such as a tablet.

Users can use their Ring Doorbell with Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. By connecting these devices to the Ring Doorbell, users will be able to view the live stream at the front door from their smartphone or tablet.

Having these smart devices are important to have full access to the functions your Ring Doorbell provides. Continue reading to learn more about using your Ring Doorbell with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Can You Use Ring Doorbells with Smartphones or Tablets?

Your Ring Doorbell is a useful security device that gets installed at your front door. The Ring Doorbell can capture video and motion at your front door up to 30 feet.

With the Ring Doorbell, you can view the live feed outside your home, use audio to communicate with whoever is at your door, and receive push notifications all on your smart device.

You can use Android phones, iPhones, and even tablets to use your Ring Doorbell. All you need to have access to your Ring Doorbell is the Ring App. As long as you have a smart device that can download the app, your Ring Doorbell will be able to work with it.

By having a smart device that can do so, you will be able to see what is going on outside your home whether you are away or even if you are inside and would like to see who is at your front door.

Using Ring Doorbell with Android Phones and iPhones

Any phone that can access apps will be able to connect with the Ring Doorbell. That is the only qualification necessary to use your Ring Doorbell with any other device.

This means that any version of a Google Android or iPhone can connect with the Ring Doorbell because they are smartphones. Smartphones always have apps, granting every version of these smartphones access to the Ring app.

The best part is that if you are sharing an account or would like to have your Ring Doorbell programmed to different devices, but one is Android and the other is an iPhone, it will still work the same.

For example, if you are sharing the Ring Doorbell with members in your home and you all have different phone brands, everyone will still be able to use and access the Ring Doorbell the same. It does not need to be one or the other.

Using the Ring Doorbell with Tablets

Similar to smartphones, tablets can also download apps and offer quite a few of the same features. This makes tablets also compatible with the Ring Doorbell.

Like for smartphones, all you will need to do to connect the Ring Doorbell and your tablet is download the Ring app. From there, your devices will be able to work together.

There are many types of tablets on the market; here are the types of tablets that the Ring Doorbell can work with:

In Summary

Ring Doorbells are among some of the best user-friendly security systems on the market. This is because they can connect to any smartphones or tablets and offer the capability to keep an eye on your home no matter where you may be.

You can use the Ring Doorbell with Android phones, iPhones, and many types of tablets. As long as your device can download the Ring App, it will connect to your Ring Doorbell.

Once you have the app downloaded to your smart device, you will be able to view the live camera feed from your doorbell, use audio to talk with people at your door, and get push notifications all right to your phone/tablet.

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