Can You Screen Mirror iPhone to Hisense TV

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Hisense TVs offer a quality experience for a cheaper price compared to other TVs. Screen mirroring makes it easy to present content on your tv that is being played on your phone, computer, or another device. If you have an iPhone then you may wonder if you are able to still use screen mirroring, since Hisense is mostly compatible with Android phones. 

With its native screen casting function, screen mirroring with a Hisense TV is compatible with Android phones, but it is still possible to do so with an alternative method on iPhone. Downloading a third-party app on your iPhone, using ChromeCast or an HDMI cable are some ways to use screen mirroring with an iPhone. 

In this article, we will go over the possible ways you can still screen mirror with an iPhone to a Hisense TV. Android is easier to screen mirror and is more compatible with screen mirror when using a Hisense. With some of the steps down below, you should be able to easily connect your iPhone to your Hisense TV, and put some of your favorite content on the TV.

Can You Screen Mirror the iPhone to Hisense TV?

Screen mirroring is possible with an iPhone but is not as simple when compared with an Android device. With a third-party app found in the app store, you can still connect your iPhone and screen mirror to your tv. 

Different apps exist that can be found by searching “Screen Mirror” in the iPhone app store. Once you have this app you can use the same steps as an android. Screen mirroring with an iPhone to a Hisense TV is also possible with an HDMI cord or Chrome device. Most Hisense TV models will have screen mirroring capabilities, but some of the extremely old models may not be as compatible with it. 

How Do I Screen Mirror My Hisense TV?

Screen mirroring on the Hisense TV is easy, but you may need to download an app on your TV if your version does not come with Screen mirroring. Screen mirroring is called Any view Stream, or Anycast in the Hisense TV settings. 

Steps to screen mirror on your tv:

  1. To screen mirror on your android your tv should be connected to the same wifi. 
  2. Anyview Stream or Anycast in your settings should be connected and turned On. 
  3. The network configuration should also be set to wireless. 
  4. On the Google Home app in your android phone click the ‘Hamburger’ icon and click Cast Screen/Audio. 
  5. Find the name of your tv and click it to screen mirror. 

If you would like to learn more about hisense TV, take a look at this article. Now, let’s look at whether Hisense TV is compatible with iPhone.

Is Hisense TV Compatible With iPhone?

Hisense TVs are compatible with iPhones, but require extra steps to be able to do what you want when compared with android phones. Still, you can still do most things with your iPhone and Hisense that you can do on an Android. It does not matter what type of phone you have if you use the right tools and steps to properly screen the mirror. 

Using the same steps as an Android phone, you should be able to screen mirror on your iPhone when you download a screen mirroring app to your phone.  You can also use an HDMI  to make it easier or download an iPhone app.

Using an HDMI you can connect your iPhone to it, then put the TV on the channel you connected the HDMI to. This will act as screen mirroring and let you stream video to your TV wire. You can also buy a Chromecast, and connect your iPhone to it, streaming it on the HDMI channel you choose. 

Can I Do Screen Mirroring From iPhone to TV?

Using an iPhone, screen mirroring is easier to do with certain TV brands than with others. Using a Lightning Digital AV adapter, or HDMI cable with an iPhone connection it is easy to connect an iPhone to your television. With the iPhone, you are able to connect certain brands wirelessly easier than others, with the use of Apple Airplay. 

Some of the Brands that support the iPhone airplay include:

  • Apple TV
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Vizio

These TVs can do screen mirroring with the iPhone, and are compatible with airplay. Other brands like Hisense need a third-party app on the phone. To screen mirror with an iPhone on a smart tv the easiest way is to use airplay on your iPhone, which gives you the ability to stream on multiple devices.


Screen mirroring from an iPhone to a TV by way of airplay is easy, and you need to be connected to the same wifi as your tv. After you find the video you want to stream and click Airplay on your iPhone. On your iPhone, you click the TV name or smart device to stream any video you want to your television.

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