Can You Mount a Ring Camera With Command Strips or Double Sided Tape?

Left side of a Ring spotlight camera.Left side of a Ring spotlight camera.

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Whether you currently are an owner of a Ring camera or are thinking about purchasing one in the future, making sure the camera is properly set up is essential to providing adequate security at all times. Whether it’s your home or business, outdoors or indoors, you want to be confident that you have reliably installed your camera.

A Ring camera can be mounted without using screws by taking advantage of products such as command strips, or double sided tape. It is an economic and simple method that doesn’t require alteration of the mounting surface.

There is a convenience of using command strips or double sided tape compared to other techniques available. However, there are some disadvantages you will want to consider before making your final decision on the mounting process.

Ring Camera Mounting

When mounting your camera, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have the correct product for the job. When choosing between command strips or double sided tape, you need to check the specifications of your camera and see how much it weighs. 

Depending on which ones you choose, command strips will hold anywhere from around 5-15 lbs. This is a better option for some of the smaller cameras that Ring has in their product line, such as the doorbell camera. 

If you have a larger camera or want to ensure a more secure mount for your device, using double sided tape will allow your camera to weigh around 30 lbs. before you have to worry about it not being able to hold. This is a more common option for some of the Ring cameras that are used for outdoor purposes.

It is essential that you make sure that the surface that you are mounting your camera to is smooth and clean in order for your command strips or double sided tape to work properly. There are some materials such as wood and concrete that would be suitable for this method of mounting.

While you are considering the use of tape or strips, another option to look into that doesn’t require any drilling would be using velcro strips. Many customers have had success with using these the same as they did with tape or with using strips.


If you are considering command strips or double sided tape to mount your camera, the main thing you are probably trying to avoid is damaging or leaving a permanent mark in the area you are mounting the camera. If you are only using your camera temporarily, or are going to be actively relocating the camera, this option will suit you well.


Depending on where you place your camera and the conditions it is going to be subject to, command strips or double sided tape may not be a good idea.

If your camera is going to be in the type of environment that experiences weather phenomena such as high winds, it should deter you from this mounting procedure as it may not be secure enough for your needs. Also, extreme temperatures such as heat and cold weather can result in your strips or tape not having the stability that you would expect under normal conditions.

Another issue you may face with the location of your security camera is whether it is accessible by other individuals or not. If your camera is going to be placed in a situation such as this, a concern arises with the possibility of theft. It is extremely easy to remove a camera that is mounted in this fashion.


Ring spot light battery opening

When choosing the correct product for your needs, you want to make sure that you are choosing something that is going to work. 

Command Strips

After looking through some of the community forums and checking out customers’ experience with various methods, a lot of consumers recommended products by 3M. One of these products includes these 3M Command Strips on Amazon, which are for medium and heavy weights which are perfect for many Ring cameras.

Double Sided Tape

When it comes to double sided tape, the most recommended brand that kept popping up was Gorilla. If you are looking at using double sided tape, you can give the Gorilla Heavy Double Sided Tape a try, and you should be satisfied with its performance.

Plastic Bonder

Some of the products used did have issues and varying success when it came to the camera base properly sticking to the mount strips or tape. If the product you choose happens to have an issue with properly adhering to the camera base, a solution to this would be to use a product such as Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder to secure the base to the mount you are using.


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