How Do You Remove Ring Window and Door Sensors?

ring peephole camera installed on white doorring peephole camera installed on white door

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When you get a Ring security system, you’re usually focused on installing it––not removing it. But there are occasions when you need to remove your Ring window and door sensor, and thankfully it’s a fairly simple process.

Your removal options largely depend on the type of product you purchased, including whether it’s screwed into the wall or held on with tape. If you’re ready to remove your Ring window and door sensors, keep reading.

How to Remove Ring Window and Door Sensors Through the App

Before physically removing your Ring window and door sensors, you’ll need to remove both of these components from the Ring app. If you don’t, you risk getting false notifications and making the setup process harder.

Follow these steps to remove both sensors from your app:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Go to the main menu in the top left-hand corner.
  • Choose “Devices.”
  • Select “Alarm Base Station.”
  • Select the sensor you want to remove.
  • Tap the gear on the top right-hand side.
  • Choose “Advanced Options.”
  • Tap “Remove Device.”

Depending on your user interface, the last step may say “Remove Failed Device.” Ring also notes that you don’t have to change the batteries when removing the device via the app.

How to Physically Remove Ring Window and Door Sensors (Adhesion)

Most Ring window and door sensors stick to the wall using adhesive tape. You can remove a Ring window or door sensor by twisting the sensor of its adhesive base. This will likely leave behind residue. However, you can remove it by:

  • Using Goo Gone. Goo Gone is a staple in many people’s homes—and for a good reason. It gets rid of crayon, glue, and adhesive tape. It comes in a spray or gel form. Simply apply the Goo Gone to the residue, wipe it off, then apply warm water to the area.
  • Apply heat. Take a blow dryer and turn it to the lowest setting. Then, hold it six inches away from the adhesion (remember: you don’t want to melt your sensor). After a few seconds, you should remove both with minimal issues.
  • Using warm water. Using a damp cloth, apply warm water to the adhesion. This will break down the plastic and make it easier to remove. Take special precautions to keep water from getting inside the sensor itself.
  • Applying acetone. Commonly known as “nail polish remover,” acetone does a great job breaking down certain substances. You should avoid this step if your sensor’s on a painted wall, as this will strip the paint. If not, take a cotton ball and soak it in acetone. Then, apply it to the areas around the adhesive tape. The adhesive should break down and start to disintegrate.
  • Using dental floss. Using a six-inch string of floss, run it between the adhesive tape and the wall. Do this until the adhesion falls off.

There are dozens of other ways to get rid of residue. Some users suggest using mixtures of warm water and vinegar, while others suggest using WD-40.

Remember: Don’t Use Too Much Force

It’s tempting to rip your Ring sensor off the wall and call it a day. However, doing so can damage the device. Imagine that you’re turning a doorknob. You would use just a little bit more force removing the device than you would opening a door.

If the sensor doesn’t easily come off, focus on removing the adhesion. You can pick off the tape from the back of the device later.

What if I Damaged the Paint?

While removing the sensor, even if you followed these instructions, some paint might have come off. This isn’t the end of the world. Most big box home improvement stores have features on their app to help identify exact paint colors. Then, you can go to the store, get a small sample, and paint over the blemish. Pretty soon, it’ll look like your sensor was never there.

How to Physically Remove Ring Window and Door Sensors (Screws)

You might have screwed your sensors into the wall. Not a problem. You can remove them by using the screwdriver that came with your Ring setup kit. If you don’t have one, you can use a Philips head screwdriver.

From there:

  • Unscrew the screws attached to the cover plate
  • Press down on the release tab
  • Slide the sensor off the plastic plate
  • Unscrew the brackets

Of course, this will leave holes behind. You can fill them in using spackle. If you don’t have spackle, you can fill the hole with white toothpaste and then gently paint over it.

A Final Word

Removing your Ring window and door sensors is more than taking the device off the wall. You also have to remove the sensor from the Ring app. Additionally, when physically removing your device, don’t apply too much force.

To learn more about removing your Ring doorbell’s sensors, visit Ring’s YouTube channel. You can get more information about operating and troubleshooting your device, as well.

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