Can I Watch Fire TV Recast On PC?

The back of a Amazon Fire TV Recast.The back of a Amazon Fire TV Recast.

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Devices like the Fire TV Recast make it possible for users to catch their favorite shows, movies, and games anytime they like across multiple devices such as your phone or TV. However, can you watch content from the Recast on a PC, too?

You cannot directly watch live TV from the Fire TV Recast on your PC; this is because the feature is only accessible using the Fire TV Recast mobile app, which is not available for PCs to download and use.

Having the ability to watch live TV from basically anywhere for free sounds like a great deal, but not everyone has the means to view Fire TV Recast content on the go or from a compatible TV. In this article, we’ll discuss why users cannot use the Recast on a PC and alternative methods for watching the shows and movies you love.

How Does the Fire TV Recast Work?

The Fire TV Recast comes in two different models, a two-tuner and a four-tuner. The two-tuner can record two shows at once and has 500 GB of memory, while the four-tuner can record four shows at once and has 1 TB of memory. Other than that, they work and are set up the same way.

To work, the Fire TV Recast needs:

  • To be connected to a digital HDTV antenna—sold separately—to access local channels.
  • You will also need an Amazon Fire Stick. The Fire Stick is used to communicate to the Fire TV Recast so that you can stream shows and movies from your device. Alternatively, you can also use a TV edition with Fire TV included (any generation is adequate) or an Echo Show.  

You will then need to download the Fire TV app on your smart device and scan for local channels. From there, you will get access to local TV shows, news channels, movies, sports, and more. You can also use the Fire TV Recast to record shows to watch later.

Can You Use the Fire TV Recast with PCs?

The Fire TV Recast is like a DVR. It allows you to record and playback your favorite local TV shows, movies, etc. It has a little twist to it that makes it more than just a DVR, though. You can cast your favorite watchable content straight to your phone or tablet, no matter where you are, through the Amazon Fire TV app.

Unfortunately, the only place you can’t stream content with the Fire TV Recast is through your PC. To view shows and movies from the Fire TV Recast, you will need to download the mobile Fire TV app, which is not available for PCs or macOS computers at this time.

This is because the Fire TV app is only compatible with Android devices, and the Fire TV Recast is not supported in browsers—making it currently incompatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Currently, the Fire TV app is only available for the following mobile devices and operating systems:

  • Fire Tablets (5th generation or above)
  • iOS 10 (or above) smartphones
  • Android 5 (or above) smartphones

Therefore, the only way you can access saved or live content from your Fire TV Recast is through one of the devices mentioned above or your smart TV.

Why Would Anyone Want to Use Recast with PCs?

There are a couple of reasons why someone might want to watch content from their Fire TV Recast with their PC:

  • Some may not like watching or not have the appropriate eyesight to watch through a small mobile device and prefer a bigger screen, such as one found on a PC.
  • Some may not have the mobile capability to download apps on their phone and need an alternative.

Final Thoughts

While the Amazon Fire TV Recast makes it convenient for users to watch content on their smart TVs and mobile devices, Amazon has yet to release software that makes it easy for viewers to access shows and movies from the device on their PCs or MacOS computers.

The Fire TV Recast is currently only compatible with specific iOS, Android, and Amazon devices and is not supported by web browsers, so if you want to catch up on shows, you’ll have to settle for using your TV, smartphone, or tablet.

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