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Fire TV Recast: How to Record

Last Updated Mar 3, 2022
Fire tv recast recordings showing on smart TV

Fire TV Recast allows you to watch and record shows from local channels using an HD antenna. If you’re new to Fire TV Recast or are considering purchasing one, one of the key features you’ll want to take advantage of is the device’s recording ability.

To record on a Fire TV Recast, select DVR on the Fire TV home screen. Select the channel guide, and choose a show to record. You can record a single episode or a series. You can also record a show that you are currently watching on a Fire TV or the Fire TV app.

There are two versions of the Fire TV Recast. The 2-tuner can record up to two shows simultaneously and store up to 75 hours of video. The 4-tuner can record four shows and store 150 hours of video. Read on to learn more about recording shows with a Fire TV Recast.

How to Record with a Fire TV Recast

With a Fire TV Recast, you can record any live program you watch through your HD antenna. (The antenna is sold separately.)

There are three ways to record shows onto your Fire TV Recast:

  1. Record from a connected Fire TV.
  2. Record through the Fire TV app.
  3. Record with Alexa voice commands.

Note: You cannot record shows you watch through a cable box or Fire TV apps such as Netflix or Disney+.

Record with Fire TV

On a Fire TV, you can record shows that are airing live and set scheduled recordings up to 14 days in advance. When scheduling a recording, you can choose to record that specific episode or all episodes of that series that air live, including reruns.

Here are the steps to record:

  1. From the homepage of your Fire TV, select DVR from the top menu.
  2. Select “Channel Guide.”
  3. Choose the show you want to record.
  4. Choose “Record Series” or “Record Episode.”

You can also record the show you are currently watching. To do this, click on the menu button on the Fire TV remote, and select “Record.” You can again choose to record the episode or the series.

The Recast will automatically record the show from when you started watching it, even if you didn’t start the recording right away.

Record Through the Fire TV App

The free Fire TV app allows you to watch live channels you get through the HD antenna installed at your home even when you aren’t at home.

Once you have downloaded and signed into the app with your Amazon account, it’s easy to watch and record live TV.

To record a show you are currently watching in the app, simply select the record button. You can also record a show from the “On Now” list by selecting the three-dot icon next to the show and tapping on “Record.”

You can only record single episodes using the app, and you cannot schedule recordings in advance.

Record Using Alexa

Fire TV Recast is compatible with Alexa, which means you can record videos with a simple voice command. To do this, you need an Alexa-enabled device with a screen such as a Fire TV or Echo Show.

Use the microphone button on your Fire TV remote to talk to Alexa. If you’re using an Echo Show or have another Echo device connected to your Fire TV, you can speak to Alexa hands-free using your wake word.

Say, “Alexa, record [name of show].” This will set the Fire TV Recast to record all future episodes of that show.

Here are some other commands you can use to manage recordings:

  • “Alexa, show my recordings.”
  • “Alexa, cancel my recording of [name of show].” This will stop the recording of any currently live or future airings of that show.
  • “Alexa, delete [name of show].” This will delete all recorded episodes of that show.

How to Watch Recorded Shows with Fire TV Recast

You can watch recorded shows on the following devices:

An unlimited number of compatible devices can be paired to your Recast. You can watch recorded videos on any two connected devices at the same time.

  • To watch recordings on your Fire TV, go to DVR. Scroll down and select “Scheduled Recordings.”
  • When using the Fire TV app, click on the “My Recordings” tab.
  • And don’t forget, you can always ask Alexa to show you your recordings when using a Fire TV or Echo Show.

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about Fire TV Recast is how many options there are for recording shows. You can record a live show or schedule recordings in advance using the DVR Channel Guide on your Fire TV. Record a single episode or a whole series. For hands-free control, you can even use Alexa to set and manage your recordings. The only limitation to recording is that you can’t schedule recordings in advance using the phone app. 

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